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say hello to your little friend – travel light August 11, 2014

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I’ve been doing a lot of business travel recently and one of the major pains is carrying all the leads and power cables for your various devices. So it was pretty timely that the guys at Nomad asked me to try out their new Nomadkey – a USB cable that’s well, key sized.

It’s small (yes, key sized), rubberised material and bendy and flexible. It fits snugly on your key ring or just in the many pockets of your bag. And it’s nowhere near as bulky as your phone charger. I travelled with both for a couple of trips because without phone power, you become paranoid but I left it at home the last couple of times. I seem to take my laptop with me so it’s easy just to plug it into that or the TV USB in the hotel room that I discovered on this.

It’s great. I use it all the time at my desk too rather than fiddling around with many wires and sockets.

I haven’t yet used the credit card version but I’m off again soon so will give it a whirl and update.

photo 3

Thanks to Olivia at Nomad. I have not been paid for this post.

Distraction and the Internet April 17, 2014

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65% of us get distracted by the Internet. Distracted form doing stuff by doing more stuff like emails, general web surfing and of course, social media. 53% also admitted that the reduction in productivity caused them dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

I can empathise. I’m far too easily distracted at present. I need to switch off. And now you can with Webtrate. Despite the site looking like it’s come from the 90s – deliberate given the context of what they’re trying t do I hope – you sign up and get a number of options to turn off all these distractions and focus. Anything from a simple timer to a complete lock down. Splendid.

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Soundbites from MediaPost OMMA London Panel: Channels, channels and more channels. April 12, 2014

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I was invited to be a panellist at Mediapost’s OMMA London conference on 2 April. The panel was Channels, Channels and More Channels with a large focus on mobile and video content. Although you’re welcome to watch the 45 minutes in full here, I’ve done a little deck of the soundbites from me just for fun.



never lose your stuff again July 25, 2013

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I get sent a lot of press releases, seemingly at random and often with content that is is so wildly removed from anything I do that I often want to send made up press releases back. And then there are the gems. The ones that actually make me go, “oooh, I’d like that”.  Things that are new and interesting and have a purpose. Things that use technology in interesting ways rather than just because. And also, they use my name rather than just, “hey blogger”, or nothing, or worse, “hey bluurb.”

Tile. It’s a tiny tile. That fixes or fits into things. It emits a signal using low energy blue toothy internetty things and you can find it using your smartphone or tablet. We’ve all lost our bag, keys, laptop and more at some stage. Just track them down using the Tile app. And if your stuff has gone beyond 100ft, i.e. not just been buried in the kids toys, you can use the Tile community passively to find your lost or stolen gear.

Originally a crowd-funded idea, it’s proved so popular it’s now shipping globally with over $2.6m orders in the bank.

Thanks to Lucy for sharing. I have not been paid for this post.

Tile - Hero Shot - Black

Pheed me January 2, 2013

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I’ve been hearing a lot about Pheed of late so thought I’d better check it outPheed is aimed at making your social media life a lot easier and simpler. Rather than having Twitter for texts, Instagram for photos, Viddy for videos, Soundcloud for sound, etc., Pheed allows you to do all of the above, in one simple and easy-to-use platform. I’ve not Phed the Pheed* yet myself but I’ve snooped around and I like it. I especially like the built-in subscription to channels to monetize from the off. Not that anyone would pay for my shizzle but for brands and the trend to becoming content creators, owners and distributors, this could be one to watch. 

*I’m sure there will be other Ph related terms much as there was much Twonking about with Twitterisms. Would love your Pheedback on what you think. See what I did there?

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(Thanks to Chrysta for the heads up. I have not been paid for this blog post.)

I am certified January 2, 2013

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I am certified. Some of you may have thought I should have been long ago but for different reasons. You may also remember the Just Ask Gill project. Well, since I pressed pause on that, I still find myself helping out folk informally and on one of my frequent work-related trips to the ‘dam, I saw an ad about training to be a mentor. And you could do it online. For free. So I did. And now I am a certified Mentor and a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs as a result. I now have to help someone formally through one of the mentor channels on the IOEE or MentorsMe. I’ll keep you posted.

frijj swamp soccerettes – mad, but good February 27, 2010

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I’ve always thought drinking Frijj was like drinking gloopy, chocolatey mud. And now with their sponsorship of Soccer AM, they’ve created the Swamp Soccerettes. Girls, mud, football. Mad, but what’s not to like?  And a bit of augmented reality thrown in too.

The campaign comes alive in the Facebook space, so much more than the microsite which is essentially transaction of the on-pack code. A fine, muddy example of creating an experience that you can continually explore and get muddier as you go deeper into the campaign. And topical too with the Terry/Bridge content.

Here’s the proper version of what the campaign is all about on the Syzygy site. And big shout to me old mucker Richard who looks after this and other cool stuff at the unpronouncable and even harder to spell Syzygy.

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buy me, it’ll improve your life February 26, 2010

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Get me on your T. Not my doing but I like. All sorts of thoughts going off on this.

Thanks to Mike for discovering.

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tweeting social stuff – marketing digi savvy youth event October 21, 2009

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graeme and nick

I had the joy of presenting at the 14th Annual Youth Perspectives Conference with Marketing magazine today in a morning workshop entitled: Digi Savvy Youth: Social Networks & Twitter in Focus. I tag-teamed with the delightful Graeme Ford from Phones 4U who gave the inside track on how they have developed their social media presence and a candid assessment of the highs and lows. Graeme’s content is at the half-way point of the slideshare deck below.  Mine is the usual mix of digital fun, sweary videos and hopefully some interesting content on Twitter and some of our case studies from Samsung and Activision.

Carla from Haymarket did a bit of live tweeting & you can track that & others thoughts on the #youthconf search.

As always, the deck is available for download to enjoy, re-use, re-purpose but be a good interweb citizen and give credit where it’s due.

Video links:

Twitter counter

David Lynch on iPhone

Wimbledon 2009 IBM Augmented Reality

Kutiman – Mother of all funk chords

Lego Death Star

Marketing digi savvy youth

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i’m just tweeting to tell you i blogged April 16, 2009

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