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inspiration from the idealists September 11, 2013

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I like this. Lots of inspiration and ideas from the Idealists Blog that cover the broad church that is creativity.



set the tone June 12, 2013

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Most opening things start in a dull fashion. Take meetings. An agenda. Usually on paper. Usually not enough to go around. Trying to reach into the middle of the table to get the coffee (that you can’t actually get out of the jug and it tastes like pap anyway) that is usually tantalisingly out of reach and you usually knock something over or drag your jacket into the already stale Pret (they’re always Pret) platter in your quest. You then settle back into the usually overly-chilled room. And then someone usually says, “OK, cool. So, thanks for coming. We’ve got a lot to cover…” Etc. Blah. Imagine if every meeting started with a performance like this.

Or took inspiration from it. Then perhaps there would be no need for a knowing smile when you see merchandise like this.

creative advice from a legend April 26, 2012

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Bruce Springsteen at SXSW this year. The video above is the short version for the attention deficit among us. The video below is the full version if you want to understand the full context. An incredibly powerful expression about changes , desires, technology and being creative.

under construction May 10, 2010

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Keeping people interested in a new shop with a combination of some favourite things: creativity and lingerie.

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content will always be the boss April 15, 2010

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Great example of why despite all the ruminations and navel gazing about social media stuff, Twitter this and Facebook that, great content will always be the boss.

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visualisations and digital map mash ups March 17, 2008

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movie data graphic

Regular readers will know I love a good graphic so I thought I’d share the above as a cool example of displaying data trends, this example being for US box office. Originally found on Boing Boing.

And this web trend map from Tokyo found on Nicola Davies’ blog. Go there where you can find a massive downloadable version.

web trends map 2008

And if you got ho’s in different area codes…

fun with pictures March 12, 2008

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 manilow sleeveface

Some amusement for today. Check out more sleevfaces on the blog, flickr, facebook and a “how to” on you tube. (via innocent drinks email)

I also like these which Carla and Mariota came up with and posted on Facebook. Those crazy creatives. I’ve worked with Carla twice now and love her to bits.

mariotacarlamariota 2carla 2

what is creativity? March 5, 2008

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 creativity brain

As you get older, you get smarter and that can hinder you because you try to gain control over the creative impulse. Creativity is not like a freight train going down the tracks. It’s something that has to be caressed, and treated with a great deal of respect. If your mind is intellectually in the way, it will stop you. You’ve got to programme your brain not to think too much.
Bob Dylan.

Self expression? Instinct? Borrowed interest? Experimentation?

Image source

stuff and things 21.02.08 February 21, 2008

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best ugly

Best Ugly. WTF? It’s a new book about restaurant design and architecture by AvroKO where the phrase is explained as:

“… all things that are beautiful and charming in an off-beat, sometimes awkward manner.”

I quite like that sentiment that not everything has to conform or be conventionally aesthetically pleasing.

behance day book

A day book for creative types. And the main site at Behance has some really interesting and inspiring content.

dom perignon

Some poncy stuff for Dom Perignon featuring Karl Lagerfeld and Helena Christensen. In the buff (Her, not him. Thankfully.).

m&ms personalised

Personalise your M&Ms. A step too far for personalisation?

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