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developing social content October 28, 2010

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Recently, a number of our clients have expressed an eagerness to enter the social space. Rather than just “give them a Twitter”, we’ve developed a strategic framework for developing social content as part of DCH’s Socialising the Brand programme.

We wanted to share the work for it to be collaborated on. This is version 1.0, released October 2010. Please share it and let us know your thoughts.

The spreadsheet for the social content plan can be downloaded from the box.net sharing widget on the right hand side of this blog.

The presentation provides some context of where you get your content from and what form it needs to take and a framework for creating it. The spreadsheet provides a more granular pro forma for your social content including guidance, high level content overview and weekly planner with baked in impact. Of course, it’s missing the magic creative bit. For that, you’d need to come to us.

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content will always be the boss April 15, 2010

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Great example of why despite all the ruminations and navel gazing about social media stuff, Twitter this and Facebook that, great content will always be the boss.

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anti-social networking September 25, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in brand experience, content, digital advertising, facebook, user generated content, web 2.0.

Great Facebook application for the new film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People about journalist Toby Young’s adventures in NYC with Vanity Fair. The book was very funny so I hope the film does it justice.

Deface your friends, un-friend them, cheat at scrabble and lots of other things to undermine social networking. First Facebook app I’ve got excited about in a while. Sorry, Emily 😉

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[daily dobbie] peace channel September 16, 2008

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Peace Channel created by Bob Geldof’s company, Ten Alps. Really simple way of aggregating content pertinent to one issue.

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[daily dobbie] what GM did next September 11, 2008

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Join the conversation on the fuuture of the automotive industry with GM Next.

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[daily dobbie] ever wanted a second brain? September 9, 2008

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Well now you can have one. With, er, second brain. If you’re like me and have tags and content and stuff everywhere across the net and can never quite get what you need without wondering what the hell you tagged it as, second brain collates all this into “the most powerful, personal content platform imaginable.”

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[daily dobbie] 12 seconds September 8, 2008

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12seconds.tv is a bit like the love-child of Twitter and You Tube. What are you doing now style updates using 12 seconds of video only. I like it, but not so much as to port my love to it from Twitter. I am a creature of habit.

Found following @akispicer

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social media mistakes June 23, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in ad age, blog, brand, brand experience, content, digital advertising, headstream, joseph jaffe, social networks, web 2.0.

joseph jaffe ad age

AdAge have compiled the best bits from Joseph Jaffe’s recent presentation at the Association of National Advertisers’ Integrated Marketing Conference. Some great examples here, some of which are new to me, some of which have passed into folklore. I like the way Jaffe has also categorised the mistakes: faking, manipulating, controlling, dominating and avoiding. There’s also a neat analogy at the end about how most campaigns are like a firework display. A bit of whizz bang and ooh and then it disappears. Goes dark. What happens next? That’s our job.

While we’re talking social media examples, here’s a deck I pulled together for our online PR agency, headstream about the importance of online PR. Included toward the back are some examples of shockers (inc. Sony PSPS a la Jaffe above) and also some good ones including an antidote to the Starbucks slam in the video above.

the ultimate pitch April 13, 2008

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getty images ultimate pitch make it logo

Think you’ve got the next Gorilla inside you? Do you have Heidi’s in your sub-consciousness? Or could you bring a fresh take on a global issue? Creativity doesn’t always reside in the creative department. And here’s your chance to prove it and win a luxurious Cannes trip so you can be demanding, eccentric and quaff litres of fine wine and worse.

Getty Images have created the Ultimate Pitch competition: challenging you to respond to their creative brief with the propisition:

Express an idea that could make a world of difference.

The only catch is you have to use some Getty imagery, choons or video in your submission. Not too much of a hardship considering the breadth and quality of their work.

The competition is open to everyone from one man bands to global goliaths and is being judged by some of the most well-known big cheeses in the industry. So how about it?

Competition closes May 14.

Thanks to Andrew Ballantyne Gilbert from DDB London who created this and told me about this direct as an outreach to the AdAge Power 150 bloggers. Will share my pitch with you in due course.

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