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long term association trumps massive sponsorship spunk. and stickers win. July 20, 2010

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In amongst all the frenzied reporting about who out-tweeted who at the World Cup, what’s really caught my eye is who won out when it came to the brand association with football. Any student of marketing will tell you that branding is about the long-term and this is borne out by the Engage Research but with some interesting results.

What’s always interesting as a marketer is to observe the official brands who have spent obscene amounts of money sponsoring the World Cup (and by default seemed to have 30s and pitch side advertising everywhere) versus those who didn’t and either go big of their own accord or act in a smarter, more incisive way. And then there are those that just stick “footy” in the headline as a lazy way to jump on the bandwagon.

Such is the massive viewing of live games at the World Cup – and not just England – that sponsorship does guarantee reach. But, as we all know, times have changed and reach no longer guarantees brand engagement, talkability and sales. Who wants to drink Budweiser when watching football? Clearly other people agree and Carlsberg’s long term association with that bunch of players who looked like they never met each other (aka England) has clearly worked from the research results. Although a stunt can get cut-through as Bavaria beer demonstrated with hot girls in mini dresses.

Sky were possibly the biggest winners as despite not covering any game they had great positive association with the tournament. As a big fan of Sky’s Premiership coverage, having to watch the lame efforts of the BBC (smug Hansen et al) and ITV (Chiles trying to cheer up Townsend and Davids) makes you appreciate the professionalism of the Sky team and how it enhances the viewing experience.

This time around we saw unofficial brands such as Carlsberg and Nike stealing the early momentum from official brands. Nike’s Write the Future was apparently one of the biggest ad buys ever on Facebook and received gushing praise from all quarters despite none of the stars in the ad actually writing the future. I hope Wayne is enjoying his caravan.

Carlsberg’s Team Talk eschewed the glitz and glamour of Nike and is rooted in the heartfelt passion for the game. Not only a soul-stirring ad if you’re an Englishman – I dare you not to feel any national pride and choking at the “For Bobby” moment – but deepened the engagement through a You Tube channel enabling you to create your own team talk or see other iconic celebrities delivering their own team talk. And they had a lion too. Budweiser didn’t have a lion.

I really didn’t understand the Sure last 8 sweepstakes. Buy a can (so already I have to impart money before enjoying), enter a code (how old fashioned) and then if my team (I don’t get to choose) enters the last 8 (who cares – it’s all about the winning), I may win something between £5 and £50 (Wooh! Big money!). I think I’d rater spend the money I would have spent on the deodorant on Carlsberg. They have lions.

But my favourite World Cup campaign had to be Panini’s virtual sticker album. The inexplicable desire to collect every team member from England’s utterly useless Rooney to Chile’s playmaker Jaime Valdes is insatiable. As a child this consumed every single penny of pocket money and drove my parents mad. Now, as an (alleged) adult, it had the capacity to do the exact same thing. But online. So I could do it when I was at work. And the playground swapsies are still there – digitally! It’s just brilliant. All it needed to make it uber special was a lion.

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some stuff and things that caught my eye June 28, 2010

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Some people ask what’s the point of Twitter? For me it’s part information source, part staying in touch with friends and colleagues and part sharing bits of my life. I’ve found these things of late, I thought you might like them too…

Your handwriting as a font.

Notepad – a virtual piece of paper in the cloud.

You Tube video editing – from their labs, now it’s easier to trim off the crap bits, add titles and stuff all using the interweb. I may have to go back and sort some of mine.

And here’s Yahoo!’s labs.

Klout have updated their Twitter influence score system. Here’s mine. Apparently I’m only Casual – perhaps because I’ve refrained from spamming the airwaves this past week. And here’s a nice post about it.

IAB Europe white paper on brand advertising and digital.

How Lego connect their fan network.

The PSFK future of retail report.

A lovely presentation on new business opportunities in retail.

The Adidas match tracker. Experience footy games like a geek.

And then there’s this topical re-imagining of the England football badge.


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memories matter & a droopy problem – using digital to promote health issues October 6, 2009

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Two new campaigns I wanted to share for the same reason: using digital to raise awareness and action of two serious health issues by doing something interesting.

Memories Matter

memories matter

Do you have a favourite memory? Something that you always look back on and smile? Domain have just launched a new campaign for the Alzheimer’s Research Trust including a microsite which stores peoples’ memories forever. The site demonstrates that without more funding for research into dementia, this is what we stand to lose. Sadly, dementia set to double within a generation. The site is a blend of real people and celeb memories including Terry Pratchett (the world’s most “famous” sufferer of Alzheimer’s) and others including Michael Parkinson, Felicity Kendall, Patrick Moore, Gordon Brown and loads more.  When you read some, you’ll laugh out loud. Read others and you’ll be quite choked. So many people, so many very personal memories.

This is quite close to my heart as my grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s and it’s so heart breaking to see the inevitable decline from a once strong and clever man through the comedy moments of losing his glasses and they’re on top of his head all the time & deciding to flush tea towels down the toilet instead of the washing machine; to living in a different time period where he recognized nobody and nothing around him and the fear and anger this created inside him. Worse still was the decline in his health through the disease, the tension it caused in his relationships with his wife of over 50 years, his daughter and the inter-family relationships that are hard-wired into that bond. Sadly the mental decline and the need for constant care saw him spend his latter days in a care home where it was so painful to see someone you love literally wilt away.

Alzheimer’s is not a sexy charity in the way Cancer Research or stuff for kids is but it’s a cruel disease robbing people of their memories and ultimately their lives. Please support this campaign. Well done, Catch.

A hard Story About a Soft Subject

In Bed

[Site / You Tube Channel]

Obviously this isn’t one I’m familiar with but a wonderful take on a serious issue – erectile dysfunction. Profero have teamed up with Aardman films to create a series of short films about Dennis and his journey from Droop to Don Juan for Bayer-Schering pharma. In England, we’re very bad at admitting any health problem – unlike our American friends who appear to hold in high esteem their physical and psychological problems and will happily tell you all and the drugs their taking too. Over here, we just ignore it and hope it will go away. Not so easy when it’s a condition that affects millions of men over 40. I particularly like the disengaging tone and the way the truths of the problem come through (no pun intended) by being entertaining and engaging. In this overly-cluttered advertising world, doing something interesting is the only way to get noticed. This has it spades. Thanks to Nick Clarke for sharing.

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i like live guy November 24, 2008

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This is Vodafone Live Guy. Live Guy is visiting 11 cities (well, he’s visited a few last week but I was just OOO for too long to write this) until the end of this week. Each day he’s giving away a Dell pooter. How do you get your paws on one? Find him using all types of web 2.0 wondery-ness. Why do I like this so much and why will it enter my new fangled version of Digital WTF?

1. It’s a great demonstration of a product proposition. Vodafone Live gets you and your pooter live wherever you want to. Rather than a-n-other web site, page, banner ad etc. telling you this, Dare (yes, them again.) created Live Guy to dramatise the live-ness of Live and bring the proposition alive up and down this great nation.

2. It’s beyond the site. It’s a blog, it’s a twitter feed, it’s a you tube channel, it’s a facebook love fest and it’s a picasa picture party with a Google mash-up twist. Multi-channel, multiple touch points. Experience Live Guy how you want. My preference was Twitter and that’s where I found out about him first and enjoy his regular ramblings.

3. Live Guy speaks. In the interweb world we espouse two way communication as the new currency. Interact with your audience. And Live Guy does. I asked him a silly question, he gave me a sensible answer. Made me very happy.


4. It’s not just a blah competition. It’s involving and engaging and there’s 11 chances to win the Dell pooter. Say goodbye to the dull registration form kids.

I could go on but I want to get this out before it’s over. Go find him.

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aston martin is the coolest brand. you tube coolest online brand? September 29, 2008

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2008 CoolBrands survey is out and Aston Martin tops the coolest brands. No surprise there. Prrr.

What is a surprise is that You Tube tops out the coolest online brands, beating Google. No room for Twitter which in my mind has a cooler cache than You Tube and is certainly being discussed and toyed with more by the cool kids in town. Or maybe this survey reflects the real world rather than the bizarre digital world I inhabit? And is Wikipedia really cool or just really good at providing information? Here’s the full article on Brand Republic and the Top 10 online brands below. Any builds?

  1. YouTube
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Last FM
  6. Flickr
  7. Bebo
  8. Holy Moly
  9. Gaydar.co.uk
  10. Urban Junkies

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[daily dobbie bonus] diesel sfw xxx September 26, 2008

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Genius. And here’s the site.

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[daily dobbie] science of sexy September 22, 2008

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New Wonderbra ad.

See, it’s simple to spread your stuff virally – just let people embed it. Pretty sure this doesn’t happen in my brother’s lab…

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[daily dobbie] ffwd September 15, 2008

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Online video remote control. Logo looks cunningly like friendfeed don’t you think?

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[daily dobbie] 12 seconds September 8, 2008

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12seconds.tv is a bit like the love-child of Twitter and You Tube. What are you doing now style updates using 12 seconds of video only. I like it, but not so much as to port my love to it from Twitter. I am a creature of habit.

Found following @akispicer

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