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some stuff and things that caught my eye June 28, 2010

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Some people ask what’s the point of Twitter? For me it’s part information source, part staying in touch with friends and colleagues and part sharing bits of my life. I’ve found these things of late, I thought you might like them too…

Your handwriting as a font.

Notepad – a virtual piece of paper in the cloud.

You Tube video editing – from their labs, now it’s easier to trim off the crap bits, add titles and stuff all using the interweb. I may have to go back and sort some of mine.

And here’s Yahoo!’s labs.

Klout have updated their Twitter influence score system. Here’s mine. Apparently I’m only Casual – perhaps because I’ve refrained from spamming the airwaves this past week. And here’s a nice post about it.

IAB Europe white paper on brand advertising and digital.

How Lego connect their fan network.

The PSFK future of retail report.

A lovely presentation on new business opportunities in retail.

The Adidas match tracker. Experience footy games like a geek.

And then there’s this topical re-imagining of the England football badge.


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tweeted by a legend February 27, 2010

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Bumble. Legend. Tweeted me. Ace.

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loose tweets… January 22, 2010

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Thanks to Chris Townsend

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2010 thoughts (but not mine) January 6, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in crack unit, digital, iain tait, social media, trend spotting, twitter.
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Rather than add to the deluge of Mystic Meg predictions, I thought I’d just share this from TrendSpotting which fortunately is in nice, bite-size chunks for attention deficit people like me to ingest. Lovely stuff that is helpful and actionable.

I also like this from Iain Tate. Especially the Star Wars bit. And if you don’t then we probably wouldn’t get along.

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tweets from the sky November 2, 2009

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Liking MySkyStatus – a new service from Lufthansa (via Profero in NY) that sends accurate departure, altitude and arrival updates to your Twitter and Facebook pages while you’re up in the ether. In the culture of now-ism that we’re firmly embedded in, this is an innovative and useful piece of content.

Thanks to Nick Clarke for sharing.

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tweeting social stuff – marketing digi savvy youth event October 21, 2009

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graeme and nick

I had the joy of presenting at the 14th Annual Youth Perspectives Conference with Marketing magazine today in a morning workshop entitled: Digi Savvy Youth: Social Networks & Twitter in Focus. I tag-teamed with the delightful Graeme Ford from Phones 4U who gave the inside track on how they have developed their social media presence and a candid assessment of the highs and lows. Graeme’s content is at the half-way point of the slideshare deck below.  Mine is the usual mix of digital fun, sweary videos and hopefully some interesting content on Twitter and some of our case studies from Samsung and Activision.

Carla from Haymarket did a bit of live tweeting & you can track that & others thoughts on the #youthconf search.

As always, the deck is available for download to enjoy, re-use, re-purpose but be a good interweb citizen and give credit where it’s due.

Video links:

Twitter counter

David Lynch on iPhone

Wimbledon 2009 IBM Augmented Reality

Kutiman – Mother of all funk chords

Lego Death Star

Marketing digi savvy youth

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i like live guy November 24, 2008

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This is Vodafone Live Guy. Live Guy is visiting 11 cities (well, he’s visited a few last week but I was just OOO for too long to write this) until the end of this week. Each day he’s giving away a Dell pooter. How do you get your paws on one? Find him using all types of web 2.0 wondery-ness. Why do I like this so much and why will it enter my new fangled version of Digital WTF?

1. It’s a great demonstration of a product proposition. Vodafone Live gets you and your pooter live wherever you want to. Rather than a-n-other web site, page, banner ad etc. telling you this, Dare (yes, them again.) created Live Guy to dramatise the live-ness of Live and bring the proposition alive up and down this great nation.

2. It’s beyond the site. It’s a blog, it’s a twitter feed, it’s a you tube channel, it’s a facebook love fest and it’s a picasa picture party with a Google mash-up twist. Multi-channel, multiple touch points. Experience Live Guy how you want. My preference was Twitter and that’s where I found out about him first and enjoy his regular ramblings.

3. Live Guy speaks. In the interweb world we espouse two way communication as the new currency. Interact with your audience. And Live Guy does. I asked him a silly question, he gave me a sensible answer. Made me very happy.


4. It’s not just a blah competition. It’s involving and engaging and there’s 11 chances to win the Dell pooter. Say goodbye to the dull registration form kids.

I could go on but I want to get this out before it’s over. Go find him.

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[daily dobbie] tweet volume October 7, 2008

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Enter phrases and words on Tweet Volume and see how often they pitch up on Twitter.

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aston martin is the coolest brand. you tube coolest online brand? September 29, 2008

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2008 CoolBrands survey is out and Aston Martin tops the coolest brands. No surprise there. Prrr.

What is a surprise is that You Tube tops out the coolest online brands, beating Google. No room for Twitter which in my mind has a cooler cache than You Tube and is certainly being discussed and toyed with more by the cool kids in town. Or maybe this survey reflects the real world rather than the bizarre digital world I inhabit? And is Wikipedia really cool or just really good at providing information? Here’s the full article on Brand Republic and the Top 10 online brands below. Any builds?

  1. YouTube
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Last FM
  6. Flickr
  7. Bebo
  8. Holy Moly
  9. Gaydar.co.uk
  10. Urban Junkies

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[daily dobbie] 12 seconds September 8, 2008

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12seconds.tv is a bit like the love-child of Twitter and You Tube. What are you doing now style updates using 12 seconds of video only. I like it, but not so much as to port my love to it from Twitter. I am a creature of habit.

Found following @akispicer

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