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stuff and things 21.12.07 December 21, 2007

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A sackful of stuff and things today as will be away for Christmas.

God bless your brand (thanks to Bo Hellberg)

Fancy attending a Jedi bootcamp? These people exist.

Star in a soap by uploading your photo to check if you’re hot or not. (source: popbitch)

Get fed up with those inane, circular questions about having content above the fold? Use this as ammo to wipe the floor with ’em. And this as a fabulous creative example to put the knife in. (thanks to Karen Gwyer)

coffee bukkake

Fabulously weird story about coffee bukkake.

year of ideas

A year of ideas.

Physics get all web 2.0 and funky (thanks to Mel Ferguson)

Ever get stuck trying to find logos to dump into slides. Here’s a load. Free. (source: Drew’s Marketing Minute)

Not content with advertising Snickers, Mr . T turns his mohawk to World of Warcraft


very wrong May 22, 2007

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Marry Jodie Marsh? And have the whole thing captured on the small screen for MTV? The date is already booked for the lucky/insane fella. Wrong, wrong, wrong. On so many levels. Caitlin Moran’s introduction of Jodie marsh to readers of the Times is very amusing though. I just can’t imagine what sort of a chap would want to marry a girl who’s dress sense mainly consists of belts across her ample bosom. Surely that wouldn’t go down too well in the supermarket freezer aisle?

top gear needs you April 17, 2007

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man love car

In his blog, Jeremy Clarkson reveals he has no clue as to what Top Gear should do next. More of the same I should say. Post a reply to him. Go on.

More Top Gear/Clarkson stuff on MSN.

i pity the fool March 21, 2007

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mr t

Mr T helps you change your life, presumably without aeroplanes. Or Face as he was last seen smoking himself away in the Big Brother asylum. I so hope this makes it across the Atlantic soon.

super, super fred… oh crap! March 16, 2007

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Monty Mask

Watching England in any sport is like getting on a roller coaster. And our opening efforts in the Cricket World Cup are no different. How we laughed when the first Kiwi ball delivered us an extra. How we sat stunned when Ed Joyce went second ball (1 for 1!!). How we thought all was not so bad for a little while until Pietersen, Collingwood and Flintoff decided to put us into more misery. At 175-7 i decided to have a scout round the sites (as promised below).

The BBC were about 10 minutes behind Sky in their live reports so my previous vindication that Sky have better over by over commentary still holds. And of course the human tone they employ conveys the English gallows humour we’ve sadly come to know so well. But Auntie has some hidden gems. Such as the Monty mask!!

Live commentary & debate too on 606 with such gems as “133 /3 …to 138 / 7… my club side could perform better than that..I mean Scott Styrus….god help us”

I also like the wicket icon, i wonder if they’ll have a special Billy Bowden one with the crooked finger??

got him, he’s gone

In the meantime, I’ll be praying that Monty can rescue us.

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