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developing social content October 28, 2010

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Recently, a number of our clients have expressed an eagerness to enter the social space. Rather than just “give them a Twitter”, we’ve developed a strategic framework for developing social content as part of DCH’s Socialising the Brand programme.

We wanted to share the work for it to be collaborated on. This is version 1.0, released October 2010. Please share it and let us know your thoughts.

The spreadsheet for the social content plan can be downloaded from the box.net sharing widget on the right hand side of this blog.

The presentation provides some context of where you get your content from and what form it needs to take and a framework for creating it. The spreadsheet provides a more granular pro forma for your social content including guidance, high level content overview and weekly planner with baked in impact. Of course, it’s missing the magic creative bit. For that, you’d need to come to us.

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stuff and things 02.11.07 November 2, 2007

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twittering ninja

Informative post on Twitter & super users with lots of off-shoots to other conversations. Some great sound bites on Twitter and synergies between it and mobile for teen audience.

any question answered cocktail

Any question answered text service. It costs £1 a pop. Although having your URL as the SMS short code is a nice idea, it’s hardly memorable (especially when you see an ad on the Tube and cannot remember either the name or the short code) and you get a little lost with Google search results. Well, I do.

web 2.0 directory

A web2.0 directory. A different treat for every day.

5 social marketing tips you can’t ignore.

who writes this crap?

And who writes this crap? (source: popbitch)

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