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“Online teens tweet spastically and without purpose” June 9, 2011

Posted by nicholas gill in #self: taming your inner online menace, book, carla madden, internet, social media.
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Online teens tweet spastically and without purpose, whereas online adults have one question in mind when they post: “Is this informative, helpful or hilarious?”

My friend and former colleague, Carla Madden, has had her first book published – #Self: Taming your inner online menace. Charting how real you and online you have developed and intersected from the start of the internet as we know it to where we are today. Genuinely funny and some lovely retro memories for those of us in roughly the same age group as Carla when we first dialled up and spent most of our time offline doing real things because it took so long to actually get connected. All the way through to current social media madness and the pitfalls and opportunities it presents. Some of the observations are priceless and as a good copywriter should, grounded in human truths. I especially loved the quote above about Twitter. There’s some good advice to follow too to avoid looking like a social media nob.

Well done, Carla. I hope it’s a massive success for you.

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