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stuff and things 21.12.07 December 21, 2007

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A sackful of stuff and things today as will be away for Christmas.

God bless your brand (thanks to Bo Hellberg)

Fancy attending a Jedi bootcamp? These people exist.

Star in a soap by uploading your photo to check if you’re hot or not. (source: popbitch)

Get fed up with those inane, circular questions about having content above the fold? Use this as ammo to wipe the floor with ’em. And this as a fabulous creative example to put the knife in. (thanks to Karen Gwyer)

coffee bukkake

Fabulously weird story about coffee bukkake.

year of ideas

A year of ideas.

Physics get all web 2.0 and funky (thanks to Mel Ferguson)

Ever get stuck trying to find logos to dump into slides. Here’s a load. Free. (source: Drew’s Marketing Minute)

Not content with advertising Snickers, Mr . T turns his mohawk to World of Warcraft

stuff and things 29.11.07 November 29, 2007

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Stats and nuggets on search & myspace

Stats and examples on social media marketing

hugo boss

Even Hugo Boss are getting into the music scene but at least they’re letting you upload your tracks with a chance to win some MTV thing. But does anyone watch MTV anymore?

Facebook events relevant to our trade

Belching rabbits. Shame it’s only on the Wii.

stuff and things 20.11.07 November 20, 2007

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web 2 corporate mckinsey

Ad week article: Is social media killing the microsite? ( Found following armano on twitter who now also has a product page on Facebook where you can get all the nice graphics)

And talking of Facebook, here’s some interesting stats from the UK market.

Good examples of social media in this post.

And being a slide monkey, I always like to share things like this. Loads of presentation templates, tables, graphics etc. to spice up your decks.

Image at top from here.

stuff and things 07.11.07 November 7, 2007

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Balls. Lots of them. For free. And lots more stuff too. Liven up your powerpoint today. Like I did. Better still, get Keynote. Like I did. And although it’s for free, donate something. Like I did – a coffee.

Are blogs reaching the final frontier before Man? Blog in space. I can’t tell if this is for real or not.

claim id

Yet another form to fill in to claim your online identity. I won’t as patience is running low.

stuff and things 28.10.07 October 28, 2007

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Toyota meets World of Warcraft. 7 million play that every day FYI. Thanks to Matt Dickman. Check out his new project too.

Over at his blog, Vincent Thome has written a paper on experimentation. I think he has some great ideas here. I even felt compelled to write a serious comment rather than the usual guff I leave. What do you think?

Some decks from a recent web 2.0 summit in Californ-i-a

geek girl

Earlier this week there was a conference for girl geeks interested in technology, web 2.0 etc and it’s brilliantly called she’s geeky. (Found following Charlene Li from Forrester on Twitter). (Image source)

stuff and things 22.10.07 October 22, 2007

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O2 facebookherbal essences facebook

Facebook brand tie-ins that are bad get a lot of press. But here are two good examples. Herbal Essences which I found via Advergirl & O2 win a MASSIVE university big party thing. Leigh sums up why they both work very eloquently even though her comments are attributed to the shampoo stuff:

Set up as a group, not a personal account. You’re not a person, why pretend to be one?
Creative focuses on the ‘passion’ elements of the brand
Targeted approach to deliver visit > engage > share behavior (stuff to do when you’re there + a reason to come back)
And, the team invested in solid seeding behavior

Download a Forrester study of business decision makers use of social media in B2B world from the American Business Media.

draw yoda

Kids bored this half-term? Get them to draw Yoda (source: showmescifi)

linked in 1 million

There are now more than 1 million UK members of Linked In. And I can download a badge to add to my profile as I joined before it hit this landmark. So I did. But I’m not so sure why. A million is hardly exclusive. Does it help in anyway? Will it improve my life?

I walked back to Waterloo after a meeting in London Bridge on Friday. It was mighty cold. But took these two shots of London Bridge itself & the big spider thing outside the Tate. Thought you might like them.

london bridgetate spider

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