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closing the loop on social infectiousness May 9, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in bzz agent, chat threads, conversation, fruitabu, measurement, metrics, viral, word of mouth.
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You may remember that I signed up to be a Bzz Agent a while back to understand how they use word of mouth marketing and indeed how I could use it for my clients. After all, you can’t win the raffle without buying a ticket. The Lucozade thing ended up being a bit of a damp squib with what happened with me personally at the time so I never actually got round to doing that so I wanted to give the next campaign a proper go (the Lucozade Caffeine tasted a bit grim to be honest and didn’t seem to affect my pathetic gym performance one bit).

So, another survey later, I got a jiffy bagged stuffed to the brim with Fruitabu samples, discussion guides, money off vouchers and a set of cards to measure the conversation I have with people. It goes like this:

– I talk to someone about Fruitabu, give them a sample, voucher and a chat threads card with unique ID.

– they go off and fill in their survey, I go off and send in my Bzz Report.

So the particpant rather than the instigator also gets to feedback which provides a balance to the conversation rather than one-sided conversation. Interesting to see how this progresses.

Quick round up of the conversations I’ve had (I won’t reproduce the reports I submitted as they are somewhat functional rather than providing any level of entertainment, information or education.

Basically I found it a little forced to start talking about the product and my role as a Bzz Agent. Almost like I was a salesman. Ewww. Anyway, I found it easiest to dump all the samples on my desk rather than introducing it cold. The basic premise of it being an easy way to get part of your 5-a-day was mostly accepted apart from a few who reckoned that if you couldn’t peel an orange or banana you ought to be shot. Fair point, well made. The biggest surprise was the taste of the apple “crisps”. They were flavoured with strawberry juice. A strange taste sensation: apple that tastes like strawberry? And odd juxtaposition of flavours? Especially when you only get the apple flavour after you’ve bolted it down. Tres strange, non?

The other major pushback was that it included a chemical to keep it fresh (I’ve ran out of samples so can’t remember what the actual chemical was – d’oh! details, details). Which kind of goes againt the idea of fruit being fresh and natural.

I still have some coupons if you’re interested (20p off!). If you want to chat to me about it email or IM me on nr_gill@hotmail.com

And if you want to report on this conversation, go to ChatThreads.co.uk and enter conversation ID 2011790703.

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