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say my naymz April 9, 2008

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I’ve had 2 emails this week from people who I used to work with asking me to join Naymz – a new kind of professional social network. Always a little skeptical, my first thought when the lovely Joanna’s invite popped up was, uh oh, here’s another Quechup. And then Nik’s email popped up. So having not heard of Naymz, decided to do some investigation. (You’ll also note a Linked In invite which I happily accepted as I know Murray well and am comfortable with the Linked In networking thing).

Back to the search: I actually found the most relevant info and a heart-warming tale on Ben Poole’s blog who had signed up for Naymz and received nothing but spam. Not a great advert you’d think but track down to the comments.

There’s the co-founder of Naymz responding personally to the criticism. Not some flunky but the big man himself. And the conversation continues. And continues and each time he answers the criticism openly and honestly and points to content on the site to help answer. And the question I’m asking, I’m on Linked In, why do I need another business social network?” is helpfully answered. A great example of listening to the interweb conversations and actively particpating. Certainly put a positive slant on my view of Naymz.

But despite this, I’m also a little worried of social network overload what with Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, IM, my Google Reader (inbox zero achieved again today!), my blog, the research/inspiration emails I sign up to and not forgetting my work email, hotmail and gmail accounts. Do I need another? Will I ever get anything done? Can I be bothered to ask all my friends for the 3rd time to be my friend/part of my plans for world domination (er, sorry, professional network)? Or can I afford not to manage my online reputation and am I already seduced by the desire to want a big shiny “10” on my page?

naymz reposcore 10

I’ll mull it over. Be interested to know your view.

is the internet dead? October 25, 2007

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is the internet dead?Now and then I browse through the Answers section on Linked In for a bit of enlightenment or occasionally, when the mood strikes me and the planets are aligned, to write a response. Today I saw this question, “is the internet dead?”

And some 33 (at time of writing) good people have proffered up a number of gems. Some are below. I am tempted to write “not while you can still search for ‘big cock’ and get this in return.” Any advances? Please tell me I should. I need moral support.

I’ve been using it all day and its pulse and respiration seem to be strong.

Yes, I am afraid it was stabbed to death by a :30 TV spot.

Uh, you might want to try plugging in that broad white cable dangling from the back of your computer into that wall outlet…

internet is kicking ass right now. Lets see, I can put up content and millions of people can access and rate my ideas and I don’t have to pay crazy media dollars. Yeah I’ll like that.

No, it’s just a pulled hamstring.

Send me a fax and I’ll get back to you.

UPDATE  26.10.07

I couldn’t resist. Here we go. As Billy Connolly would say, “do these things… they’ll improve your life no end!”

linked in big cock

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