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ooof February 25, 2008

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Ordinarily I try not to blog about football but… I couldn’t help it. I know it’s a bit macabre but I wanted to see the pictures and because we missed the actual match on Sky, went channel hopping to try and find footage of it. Nope, none of it. Just the tackle from the main camera but no slo-mo this time. Even Gary Lineker gave a sorrowful look to the camera as he was about to unveil the footage but no, just a still of the Brum lad’s studs on the Brazilian-Croat’s shin. And then I saw it the next day in the Sunday papers. Ouch. But a grim fascination for how the human body breaks. A bit like Phil Bust (sp?) of Coventry many moons ago when Peter Schmeichel almost vommed behind the goalmouth. Amazing that the You Tube video above has already generated +2m views. In sympathy or fascination?

Also pleased that Spurs won the cup. Frankly I would have cheered on anyone against Chelsea who were/are so dull I’m hoping Abramovich gets bored and takes his roubles away to a team who can play football. And as for Drogba’s theatrics for the free-kick that he ultimately scored from. An absolute disgrace. I was hoping that Glenn Hoddle and Jamie Redknapp would call him out for his diving but sadly “he made it onto a foul” and “that’s Drogba for you.” Pah. Book him after the event. £100k a week for flouncing around. Pathetic. Here’s a spoof (or is it?) of his antics:


show off your footy skills at euro 08 January 28, 2008

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 footy skills

Load up your footy skills and you could be part of an ad break at euro 2008. But seeing as the “golden generation” won’t be there, maybe you won’t either? I’ll default to Italy as I always do when England go out/don’t turn up. I’ll be honest too, this promotion is being run by my current agency.

football 2.0 May 3, 2007

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Emmel has beat me to it. Interesting idea to get 50,000 people to stump up £35 and then buy a footy team. AFC Bournemouth tried a similar thing as the first community club but they didn’t have 50,000 trying to work out why we have no decent left-footed players in the country. Would we have live voting for selection and tactics? Half time team talks could become a mass of instant chat. Better than hearing Sven’s silence or watching McDonut’s grinning though I guess.

Image from imosse.net on Google images

never mind, jose – hahahahahah!!!!! May 3, 2007

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2 years on, same outcome. 5 European Cups Vs 0. Hahahhahahaah. Bring on Milan in Athens. Only this time I hope I won’t be in a dull and sweaty focus group room in Lyons getting text updates and only seeing the extra time and pens in a bar.

Image from skysports.com

in-ger-lund April 23, 2007

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The Nationwide Building Society are doing some nice things in the banking world at the moment but more importantly, as a main sponsor of the England (and Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland teams too) they’re not just letting their executives take a jolly with their generous match ticket allocations. Instead, they’re offering them to real fans. A great move.

Fans can apply for tickets at their new site, Sponsored By You and also have the opportunity to attend training sessions (and presumably see if McDonut actually speaks or just smiles inanely all day) and also have your name on a billboard! In a nice touch, you can also send in your re-creation of famous England (or the other home nations!) moments on video in a spot reminiscent of phoenix from the flames from Baddiel & Skinner and also vote for your all time favourite XI. Which of course the boy Gazza should always be in.

10 most important games of all time March 20, 2007

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Civilisation, Tetris, Mario, Sim City or Sensible Soccer? CNet’s top 10.

Personally I have an addiction issue right now with 24 the Game (PS2) and Football Manager 2007 (Mac). Having wiped the board with Liverpool (with Dimitar Berbatov as my 30 goals a season leading scorer) using FM 2005 [5 premierships, 2 FA Cups and 3 European Champions Leagues – oh yes!], I’m now struggling to stay afloat in mid table in my first season in FM 2007 despite having flogged the hairless-arsed Harry Kewell. Perhaps because I keep ranting at them at half time? Or maybe I need to take the team to Portugal, give them a karaoke machine and some golf clubs to raise morale?

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