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facebook – why check-in anywhere else? May 10, 2010

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McDonald’s have just teamed up with Facebook to be the first brand to offer their new location-based service. While Foursquare stats are being touted aplenty of late with a million users and 40 million check ins, the numbers are dwarfed by the Facebook behemoth.

Facebook is HUGE. It’s ingrained in our culture, language and behaviours. Including more localised (and therefore highly relevant and timely) content will only make us more wedded to it. While we’re (marketeers and agencies) experimenting with the likes of Foursquare and Gowalla, Facebook will just swat these guys like flies because of the scale, high activity rates of the installed user base and acceptance among brand marketers.

Why check-in anywhere else?

UPDATE 19 August 2010

Facebook have announced Facebook Places. Check out the video and blog post. Coming to a phone near you…

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facebook by south park April 12, 2010

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“Chick friends are worth double dude friends.”

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frijj swamp soccerettes – mad, but good February 27, 2010

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I’ve always thought drinking Frijj was like drinking gloopy, chocolatey mud. And now with their sponsorship of Soccer AM, they’ve created the Swamp Soccerettes. Girls, mud, football. Mad, but what’s not to like?  And a bit of augmented reality thrown in too.

The campaign comes alive in the Facebook space, so much more than the microsite which is essentially transaction of the on-pack code. A fine, muddy example of creating an experience that you can continually explore and get muddier as you go deeper into the campaign. And topical too with the Terry/Bridge content.

Here’s the proper version of what the campaign is all about on the Syzygy site. And big shout to me old mucker Richard who looks after this and other cool stuff at the unpronouncable and even harder to spell Syzygy.

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tweets from the sky November 2, 2009

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Liking MySkyStatus – a new service from Lufthansa (via Profero in NY) that sends accurate departure, altitude and arrival updates to your Twitter and Facebook pages while you’re up in the ether. In the culture of now-ism that we’re firmly embedded in, this is an innovative and useful piece of content.

Thanks to Nick Clarke for sharing.

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what’s stopping the URL land grab on facebook? June 10, 2009

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Remember the court cases that went on around brand protection and ownership for URLs? Is the same thing about to happen with Facebook? As of the wee small hours on June 13, you will no longer be a number. You can be a name. But you’ve got to get up early to make sure you get yours. Do we really need this? Of course we’ll all do it to preserve our own personal branding but I’m fucked if I’ll promote myself as NicholasGill423 just because all the other Nicholas Gill’s are better at getting up at 05.01 GMT than me. Frankly Twitter, blog and Linked In are better personal branding starters.

But the real question here is not about me or individuals. But brands. What’s stopping me grabbing all my clients and super star brand names and then charging them extortionate fees to buy it off me? It’s like the late 1990’s again and one that was always close to my heart as I worked on the brand then was Mr Nissan. Whose surname was actually Nissan and therefore had every right to the nissan.com URL. Lawsuits and millions of dollars later, Nissan realised they should have been nice to him rather than starting with a letter from their legal team but there we go. Shell have the same issue with one of their former employees. Deja vu with Facebook?

I’m sure in the c. 44,000 comments (!) there’s reference to this but I, for one, am not trawling it. c. 35,000 like it too so a good baromoter of getting the people’s vote.

All I can suggest is you get your online reputation management dudes geared up to wake from their slumber early on Saturday and get registering. Who knows what’ll be left for me.

Update 12.06.09 – found this and found it funny so thought I’d share.

Update 13.06.09 – what’s left is what I would have gone with anyway. Surprised. I am now facebook.com/nicholas.gill

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office flashprank, friday may 22 May 22, 2009

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stapler in jelly

Staplers in jelly as famously shared in The Office. The late, great Mick Costella taping up everyone’s phones, changing homepages to bukkake.com and stroking your thigh in the biggest pitch meeting of the year. Writing “cock” on the back of Iestyn’s chair and photographing it for his bio for a client presentation. This kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore.

Where’s all the fun gone? Well, tomorrow is Office Flashprank Friday. Check out the official Facebook page with examples. Do something amusing and buck these heinous trends:

  • Office laughter levels dropped by 50%
  • 1 in 5 say they never crack a smile suring a working day
  • 14% have stopped talking to colleagues for fear of being thought of as lazy
  • Practical jokes have dropped 66%

And here’s step by step instructions on how to put a stapler in jelly.

Thanks to Melanie @ OnlineFire for sharing.

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about face March 10, 2009

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An excellent guide on how brands can utilise the recent changes in Facebook to get deeper engagement and social connection with their consumers. The kind of content stuff agencies should be producing. From US agency The Advance Guard.

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video cards from skype February 11, 2009

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e-cards are so last year. v-cards are the way to go and you can do it with Skype. And what’s better it’s integrated into Facebook so it’s far simpler to share with your chums than trying to remember email addresses like with most apps. I like it. Find out more on the Skype blog.

Thanks to Violette @ we are social for the heads up.

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i like live guy November 24, 2008

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This is Vodafone Live Guy. Live Guy is visiting 11 cities (well, he’s visited a few last week but I was just OOO for too long to write this) until the end of this week. Each day he’s giving away a Dell pooter. How do you get your paws on one? Find him using all types of web 2.0 wondery-ness. Why do I like this so much and why will it enter my new fangled version of Digital WTF?

1. It’s a great demonstration of a product proposition. Vodafone Live gets you and your pooter live wherever you want to. Rather than a-n-other web site, page, banner ad etc. telling you this, Dare (yes, them again.) created Live Guy to dramatise the live-ness of Live and bring the proposition alive up and down this great nation.

2. It’s beyond the site. It’s a blog, it’s a twitter feed, it’s a you tube channel, it’s a facebook love fest and it’s a picasa picture party with a Google mash-up twist. Multi-channel, multiple touch points. Experience Live Guy how you want. My preference was Twitter and that’s where I found out about him first and enjoy his regular ramblings.

3. Live Guy speaks. In the interweb world we espouse two way communication as the new currency. Interact with your audience. And Live Guy does. I asked him a silly question, he gave me a sensible answer. Made me very happy.


4. It’s not just a blah competition. It’s involving and engaging and there’s 11 chances to win the Dell pooter. Say goodbye to the dull registration form kids.

I could go on but I want to get this out before it’s over. Go find him.

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anti-social networking September 25, 2008

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Great Facebook application for the new film How to Lose Friends and Alienate People about journalist Toby Young’s adventures in NYC with Vanity Fair. The book was very funny so I hope the film does it justice.

Deface your friends, un-friend them, cheat at scrabble and lots of other things to undermine social networking. First Facebook app I’ve got excited about in a while. Sorry, Emily 😉

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