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blog action day+16 October 31, 2007

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blog action day logo

While doing some much needed catching up on my feed reader this past week I discovered I had missed the boat on the blog action day on 15.10. Apparently on this day every blogger was meant to write about something to do with the environment. Well, I missed it. So here’s my thing 16 days late.

I walk when I can, we wash at 30 not 40 (except towels because otherwise that’s just gross), we shower not bath, I used the train on my commute to town (but have to drive to the station otherwise it would take me 3 weeks using public transport) and we recycle: bottles, paper, cardboard and even veg peelings which we give to either Jude’s brother or my mum for their composters. We buy fair trade. I do my bit. Skip back a couple of posts and you’ll see I even bought one got one tree.

blog action day graph

I also filled in this little quiz. I seem to be a sucker for them these days. My blog personality is below.

purist blogger


buy one get one tree October 29, 2007

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buy one get one tree

Buy an innocent smoothie, input your code and get a tree. The tree will provide local communities in India and Africa with an income for 10 years for looking after the tree. They will also receive training on sustainable agriculture. Learn more about this great brand experience and buy one get one tree today.

Some nice web 2.0 touches on the site including a virtual forest where you can find your and your friends trees, donate your tree to a friend, a dynamic tree-o-meter and get a badge to detach and display on your blog/space etc.

buy one get one tree my virtual forest

stuff and things 15.10.07 October 15, 2007

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green thing logo

Some environmental stuff: do the green thing. I have, I walked to the pool and did 50 laps. And walked home again.

Some amusing ad agency stuff: a few good creative men (found on meme huffer)


Some weird hand/eye/mouth image stuff

searching on the radio May 25, 2007

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 act on CO2

Search and radio: two unusual bed fellows you would think. Normally you hear blah blah blah.com but today I heard something different. I must admit the ad itself wasn’t great and was overly long on saying that if you have your tyres at the correct pressure you save on emissions because the engine doesn’t work as hard and my eyes have gone cross-eyed.

But at the end of the ad, instead of blah blah blah.com, they said “search the web for act on CO2 for more.” Google’d it and low and behold, that’s the reason why they didn’t give the URL, because it so damn blah blah blah.com. Interesting strategy though and thankfully the media chaps had been properly briefed to make sure the DFT site was top of the pops in the results.

links for 27.04 April 27, 2007

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Get some science briefs and other interesting nuggets at RedShift

It’s getting warmer so maybe think about sleeping in the buff?

Be nice and switch all your bulbs to eco-friendly electrical things

Be all yoo-ra-pee-an and register a .eu domain

Stay in unusual hotels in unusual hotels of the world.com – does what it says on the tin really

Or just revolutionise customer service

green links for 23.04 | earth day April 23, 2007

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Buy an organic T-shirt with Spreadshirt and have €3 donated to Earth Day Network. Or a get a T-shirt printed with anything really.

Have an environmentally friendly holiday at ecoescape

Or shop for the earth at eco outlet

A smattering of eco humour too – apparently

Gardening stuff

Share a lift? (depends who you share with I guess)

Or check out the eco babes

And an incredibly unique way of helping the environment through porn! Fuck for forests.


tread lightly & plan a | earth day April 23, 2007

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tread lightly

Yesterday was Earth Day. I’ll try & plop a few posts out today on some green things. Two companies have stuck out recently with some big green messages and commitments.

First, Eurostar with their new Tread Lightly initiative. Eurostar has made a commitment to reduce emissions by 25%. As a train operator, surely they’re in a better place to go further? Anyway, they list 10 key commitments one of which is to switch all marketing to either mobile or web based and shift away from paper – a significant issue for the direct mail industry? They are also proposing to move to mobile ticketing which will be interesting to keep an eye on. But why wait till November when they move to St Pancras. Surely being at Waterloo doesn’t stop them doing stuff now?

Second, M&S. Been meaning to talk about this for a while as they’ve mad a big splash with their Plan A campaign – because there is no Plan B. A bit simpler than Eurostar as they have 5 key commitments but these are already happening with their new carrier bags in store. They also have progress trackers and you can invest your money with them ethically now too, something which the Co-Op and Smile have been doing for yonks anyway. Not sure why they haven’t got a big highlight on this on their homepage though?

links for 20.04 April 20, 2007

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Some links for a Friday afternoon in the sun (they’re tulips that I grew by the way).

Enter a holiday photo competition from Emirates airlines.

Or have some fun with photos


Win 10 year seats at the New Wembley with nPower

Keep Tony on his toes in his last days & petition him. Or save it for happy Gordon.

Do your thing for charidee with intelligent giving

Some stuff about getting us to give up flying. More on green stuff when its Earth Day.

The next big thing or another bag o’ cack?

Learn something rather than just clicking on stuff

green motors: creative challenge April 18, 2007

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The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership has launched a creative challenge to the ad industry. Can they create sexy motoring ads about being green?

I think Honda already have it licked.


Nice bit of bullshit bingo in the intro too:

“It will provide a platform for an interchange of ideas …”

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