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kickstarter handbook January 10, 2013

Posted by nicholas gill in crowdfunding, kickstarter, social media roi.
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Kickstarter has gained a huge amount of publicity of late with some amazing projects kick started into the consciousness of most people in the digital space. In 2012, over 18,000 projects were funded with over $300m. Which is even more amazing when most of this funding comes from regular people like you and I, not moguls with billions to invest or dragons to sit and sneer while you pathetically flog your wares. It’s also not a gold mine where you just turn up and get free cash to make your ideas a reality. Which is why there’s a new book out called the Kickstarter Handbook. On the upside, it’s got a great deal of help, advice and walk-throughs to make your campaign a good one. On the downside, it uses only a handful of campaigns repeatedly. Overall, it’s a handy resource if you’re planning to use this route.

(Thanks to Mat for sharing the advance copy of the book with me. I have not been paid for this blog post.) 

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