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take 2 bottles into the shower? September 19, 2012

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Well… no bottles of shampoo. And no showers (one for another day). But chargers. The bane of a commuters life. I have many. I have to carry the bastards wherever I go. Every day. Because I know I will run out of juice when I really need it. Especially for my iPhone which I’m convinced has an inbuilt knowledge of when I will need it most and pack up at just the wrong moment. So I have chargers everywhere. And any iPhone user will know the cord is pathetically short. So unless you have a plug outlet on top of your desk, your phone resides on the floor as it charges and increases the likelihood of you stomping on it, rolling your chair on it, your colleagues doing the same, forgetting it completely and the rather stupid look of bending down to read and answer text messages or calls when it’s charging.

So I was overjoyed to get my hands on the Innergie Pocketcell. I can break free of plugs and if the “20% battery life left” red bar of death pops up, I know I’ll be ok. It looks neat. It won’t last that way in my backpack I’m sure. But the cool 3-in-1 Apple, micro USB and mini USB and a regular USB at the end charges pretty much any device you may have and flips back around to be stuck in a regular Apple plug or your laptop to recharge the Pocketcell when it needs it. Which presumably is not nearly enough as my iPhone which can be charged fully twice from the Pocketcell. I’m liking it already. One less thing to carry. It’s even convinced me to leave the Macbook plug at home as I seem to carry it like a security blanket. I have a plug at work. I could always take that if I need to go off site for any period of time.

Here’s a nice video of the Innergie products. It is ace.

Thank you to Jenny @ Adrenalin for supplying the product. I have not been paid to say any of this.


this is an ad for apple July 31, 2008

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Let me be clear about this before I begin. I don’t love Emmel and I’m not angling for a job at Dare. I just think this is a really splendid idea. So I collaborated, generated, co-authored, interfered, call it what you will with this.

stuff and things 07.03.08 March 7, 2008

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hamlet cigar ad

Take a step back in time and flick through some classic TV ads including the Hamlet cigar\wig ads.

A very cool Mac virus film by these guys with even cooler stuff on their site.

nesst car seat
Egg-shaped car seats and other interesting design and inspiration things at think/thing

free love report

Lots of free stuff on the web these days. Get this Free Love report. (via Steve Clayton via Armano on Twitter.)


A bit pointless but you too can make a tune by poking these ladies. So to speak. Found here

japan lady

And this is pretty freaky the way she follows your cursor around. Can’t make her go cross-eyed though. (thanks to Bo). Created by these folk.

Lots of web-based video tools.

duran duran 2.0 2.0 November 13, 2007

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duran duran

Re-mix Duran Duran’s latest tune. Tie in with Apple Garage Band. Not got an apple? Er, never mind. You can still watch Simon Le Bon’s ever so creepy 12 second promo video on the site. Quite similar to some very good remixes that fans of David Bowie did last year or the year before. Interestingly Bowie was an inspiration to Le Bon & co in their music too as well as their promotional activity.

And listen to some of the tracks on My Space. Or on their official album site with streaming video featuring odd phrases like “this song is a tempo ballad”. Oxymoron? Actually I quite like the choons. Confession: I used to be a fan when I were a lad. Well, they were like ace: compared to those Spandau Ballet ponces. Although looking at this pic makes me feel wrong about the 80s in general.

duran duran 1980s

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