There are good people and not so good people. They’ve defined who I work for and who I am. It’s how I react to situations. It’s why I’ve run through walls for people and broken myself in the process – not necessarily as a result of those people but what happens in life. But what’s interesting is how people react to that. And sometimes being broken makes you take stock and realise what’s important. And defines how you look at life moving forward. This podcast gave me the opportunity to look back at what has driven me and to try and make the culture at my current business the best it can be.

It was difficult to talk about but it’s better to talk openly about things, right? You are fundamentally dealing with people. And people are flesh and blood, not machines. Let me know what you think. Have you experienced similar circumstances? How are you dealing with it?

My thanks to Stuart who inadvertently took me to places I have locked away for some time but have fundamentally shaped who I am – whether I wanted it to or not. It was quite hard listening to this again but made me realise some fundamental principles I live by. And my continued thanks to Chris, Norm, Scotty and Becky for being wonderful human beings who made such a difference to my life. I probably don’t think and don’t say thank you enough.

It feels quite raw. Still. Let me know what you think. I feel I’m more “me” these days though. Who knows?

Find the full podcast at Executive Juice.


Published by nicholas gill

Nicholas is the Co-founder and Strategy Partner of Team Eleven. He leads the strategic development of integrated marketing experiences to improve business performance.

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