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the rise of the data scientist July 16, 2015

Posted by nicholas gill in b2b, big data, data, data scientist.

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Data is crucially important in the current marketing landscape. It informs decisions and inspires creative thinking. There has been a lot of column inches about ‘big data’ but the role of the data scientists is to actually provide ‘small data’. The data that really matters. Not analysis that leads to paralysis. The data that gets the boardroom interested. Data can be complex, convoluted, misinterpreted and used for defensive approaches rather than innovating and seeking out new opportunities. In the right hands, data unleashes truth, overcomes long held assumptions and prejudices and shines a light on new insights that can unlock business growth. Like many modern business people, the data scientist needs to be a T-shaped person too. Capable of being expert in his or her craft but also adept at communicating and collaborating with a diverse range of people from strategists to creative to brand managers to CMOs and CEOs. Fundamentally we believe this role should be internal at a company and not outsourced. The person needs to be ‘baked in’ to every part of the business to provide the crucial ‘small data’ that makes a difference. As an example, we know the work we do for Align Technology, who produce Invisalign – the world’s leading invisible orthodontic medical device, for their professional educational programme shows that the multi-layer touchpoint programme works as Orthodontists who attend 2 or more events grow their volume of cases submitted by 43% versus cohort. Or being able to identify a group of underperforming Orthodontists in one European territory and changing the business model to effectively create a group and improve business returns by 587% in one quarter. Edited version of the above appeared in the July/August 2015 edition of B2B Marketing magazine.

B2B Marketing_The Rise of the Data Scientist_090715 B2B Marketing_The Rise of the Data Scientist_090715 (2) B2B Marketing_The Rise of the Data Scientist_090715 (1)



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