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they do things differently in singapore September 11, 2013

Posted by nicholas gill in mentos, viral video, youtube.

Weird huh? A country proposing to another country. Match-making land masses that have some things in common (well-educated etc.) and er, Finland is cold and Singapore is hot. But also because Finland has loads of space and Singapore is rammed. Which makes last year’s effort even more confusing: encouraging Singapore residents to make babies on the national day to address the declining birth rate. Put together, they make even less sense. But hey, it’s a bit of fun from Mentos. The tunes are catchy even if the content doesn’t really translate beyond the home country. Also, at 4 minutes, the new one is way too long and seems to suffer from the poisoned chalice that is the follow-up viral with c. 147k views Vs over 500k for the first one.



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