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now that’s customer service April 10, 2012

Posted by nicholas gill in brand experience, customer services, Fill & Tell.

You know how difficult finding presents for your mum is, right? Fortunately my wife is signed up to a whole heap of cool baby sites that provide a lof of inspiration. On one of these sites we found Fill & Tell – a really delightful book for the grandparent to fill in for their grandchildren. It lets the grandparent tell them all about their lives in a really stylish and funky looking book. Most of the other books we had come across were a bit stuffy and formal. This looked really cool. Unsurprising considering it comes from a Scandinavian company.

So we plumped for it and decided to get it. But the online ordering form wouldn’t work. It just went to a blank page. Sometimes I do get issues with Safari on a Mac but this hasn’t happened for a while. Normally you’d move on and get it from Amazon or somewhere but they were out of stock. So we sent the customer service team an email. At 9.30pm on Wednesday night.

Within 10 minutes we had a response. And a real one, from a real person. Not just a “thanks for your message and we’ll get back to you”. But an incredibly helpful email from Katrine who informed me that no, my credit card hadn’t been billed, they’d checked the site and all should be ok and would I mind trying again. So I did. Same problem. And sent another email. Again, Katrine responded really quickly offering to mail out the item first class and invoice us. And this is all happening late (ish) at night and Sweden is an hour ahead too. The package arrived Saturday. A great product (my mum loved it) and really brilliant customer service when auto-response or no response is often the default.



1. Katrine - April 10, 2012

Thank you for your kind words, Nick! I’m just glad I could help and I hope your mother will enjoy filling in the book!

Best wishes
//Katrine, Fill & Tell

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