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headphones made for mac November 18, 2011

Posted by nicholas gill in a-Jays Four, brand experience, headhone, ipad, iphone, ipod, Jays, mobile, product review.

The kind folk at Jays sent me some of their new a-Jays Four headphones made especially for iPhone, IPod and iPad mac stuff to try out. Which is incredibly timely as I have always hated the headphones that come with iPhones. They have poor sound, get tied in knots at the earliest opportunity and hurt your ears after more than half an hour of use.

The first major challenge with the Jays headphone are to actually get in the box. It’s like the Krypton Factor and I broke two pens getting into it. Not mine, Nick’s, who I share a desk with. Don’t tell him. Once in, the immediate thing you notice is that the wires are not wires at all. They’re more like ribbon which is designed to be pretty much tangle free. And after using them, stuffing them in my bag and pockets this week they haven’t tangled once. Hurrah. The sound quality is excellent. I have a pair of the big headphones at work, Panasonic ones, and the quality is on a par. But the Panasonic ones cost three times as much. Pretty impressive. The design deliberately follows the nuances of the iPhone 4 so Apple-ites will be familiar with it and the buttons work as you’d expect.

The second major challenge is the ear buds. This may be just me as I seem to struggle with keeping any in-ear elements actually in my ear. They slide out. A lot. Which is annoying as you can imagine. I need to play some more with the various size options which come with the pack but it’s pretty fiddly. I’m sure I’ll get there. I wish I had the black version though.

Jays developing a product especially for the iPhone is a smart idea. In their home market, nine out of ten phones sold are smartphones that always include free internet usage, so listening to music and watching video clips on phones is completely taken for granted. Having high-quality earphones that dramatically improve the listening and browsing experience for customers is now a necessity.

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