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no thank you to your thank yous November 4, 2011

Posted by nicholas gill in brand experience, direct mail, EDF, utility.

Utility prices have gone up silly amounts recently. Again. Utility profits have also gone up silly amounts recently. Again. So what we really need is an expensive DM pack with a specially commissioned London 2012 pin badge to celebrate to make us feel better about this. And the chance to win lots of other prizes just by being a customer. Because “Everyone’s a winner with EDF Energy Thank yous.”

No thank you to your thank yous. Please just give me lower costs and simpler tariffs. Don’t rip me off. That would make me a winner.  Yes, you make profits but not at the expense of your customers. That makes me lose and you win. I’ve been lazy at switching utility providers until this arrived. The art of business is understanding your target market. This shows a total lack of understanding in tough economic conditions.

No thank you. I’m switching.

I recently switched from Direct Line for an insurance product saving over £180 in the process. They matched this when I called to cancel and advised that my “loyalty bonus isn’t applied on the renewal letter, only when you call.” So you’d quite happily take my £180 as your own loyalty bonus? Why not apply it at renewal? I would have stayed. An odd loyalty strategy.

I am in the process of switching from BT too. The chap on the line was very insistent I wouldn’t be getting a better deal. “It’s your choice, Sir.” repeated 12 times. I counted.  Yes, it is. Stop blathering on and give me my MAC code.

Surely the best retention strategy in these times is to give economic value back to the consumer? We have the data capability. We just don’t seem to have the will.



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