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attack of the beige November 1, 2011

Posted by nicholas gill in brand experience, social content, social media.

I’m seeing a lot of boring and bland “engagement” from brands in social media. There’s far too much of “it’s Halloween, have a treat tonight with <insert brand here>” or “it’s the weekend, celebrate the end of another shit week with <insert brand here>” or “<insert how the weather is today> so why not celebrate/make the most of/not worry about it* with <insert brand here>” as if our life revolves around <insert brand here>. It doesn’t. It’s lazy and boring especially if it’s a stock “filler” in your social content plan.

The analogy of <insert brand here> walks into a pub, shouts <vacuous statement here> and walks out again without bothering to “engage” with your response holds firm. I don’t want a conversation with you about the weather – I can see what it’s like outside my window – unless you give me a reason to take advantage of it; e.g. give me a £1 off your tasty, winter beverage this cold day and then I may be interested. Otherwise, it’s just noise. Which is what social media was never meant to be.

It’s what Billy Connolly would call the attack of the beige. Be colourful. Be creative. Be interesting.

And I know this isn’t real (or is it?) but it’s colourful. Despite the product being beige.

[*delete as appropriate] 



1. Claire Tayler - November 1, 2011

Beige and grey are very seasonal though. I look forward to an onslaught of similar christmas posts.

nicholas gill - November 1, 2011

I only know of dark colours.

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