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film, choreography and code… crap song though July 29, 2011

Posted by nicholas gill in chrome, digital, google, innovation, ok go.

OK GO. I know a lot of words and gushings of loveliness will be thrown at this but it really is good. Apart from the song. Awful. Worse than Eurovision tosh. But turn down the volume and enjoy. Another smashing example of Google Chrome innovation and how you can put innovative code at the heart of great ideas. Now if only they could find a good song…



1. Al Binns - July 29, 2011

agree that the song is pretty weak but I think its the band rather than the song which they have chosen here. OK Go have a pretty good history on innovative videos to their mediocre music! This probably lends more weight to the creative concept which is good and really highlights what web technologies may offer in the future for those who understand the power of what can be achieved.

Creative Technology Director anyone?

nicholas gill - July 29, 2011

Absolutely agree Mr. Binns. Technology is at the heart of this idea. Not tacked on at the end. A CD that isn’t bosom buddies with technology won’t be producing stuff like this or the gazillion other examples of how people consume, enjoy and share great ideas.

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