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i didn’t go but… March 23, 2011

Posted by nicholas gill in hollergram, sxsw.

… I Liked these things:

(yes, I’m talking about SXSW)

The shortest, most concise round up of what SXSW brought to people this year from Barbarian Group.

A far longer but equally interesting round up that is pretty balanced but makes some great points from the Guardian.

These three quotes from Critical Mass who were in a panel, somewhere.

“influence should be customer-centric. Stop chasing influencers who are strangers with a large following.”

“The real role of SM is retention.”

“…flip the funnel and … begin with the existing customers.”

I liked this quote too. Not strictly from SXSW but everything that week seems to blend into everything else so why not?

And the Made by Many website (yes! a website!) for bringing us a visual stream of Austin, Texas. Weird and lovely. And I’d hate to be signing off their expense bills.

And also the Made by Many Hollergram app. Makes we wish I had an iPad (or an iPad2 which seemed to be the biggest news of the event and smart move by Apple to open a pop up store there). And one to look out for if you’re ever presenting and see a glowing rectangle in the audience with the word “cock” on it.

… and I Disliked only one thing.

But it’s a big one. Now I may need to refresh who I follow but most of what people were tweeting was basically the same old stuff that’s been tweeted before. A lot. I’m sure there was lots of good conversation, networking and BBQ’ing and cowboy hat wearing and accumulating special FourSquare badges and things but… but it just didn’t excite me. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t actually there but for the biggest digital shindig, I was rather hoping for more new things because events like this should be about the new, not the old.

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1. nicholas gill - March 31, 2011

I also liked this by Ogilvy. Notes of every session in sketch style:

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