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the problem with user generated content September 10, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in nick emmel, participation, social currency, social media, user generated content.

Most people cannot be bothered. From personal experience if a brand such as Activision can struggle with their massive Guitar Hero franchise in getting people to upload videos of them “rockin’ out” with some incredible prizes on offer, what chance your brand? So brands can’t rely on it and if they do go down that route, be wary and ensure it is relevant and compelling. Here are two posts I’ve liked recently that cover this and that provide more lovely thoughts. The first is where I also stole this image.

Nope, I still won’t upload a video to your campaign site by davaidavai.com

Over participation from the big brain of Professor Emmel

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1. User Generated Content that works « Doner: Our Blog - March 28, 2012

[…] that’s what the title track is about. 85 fans from 22 countries made up the final work. (That’s 85, not the millions that were promised when UGC was oh so cool). It works because the team behind the video have spent a great deal of time and money in post […]

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