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vw do augmented reality August 31, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in augmented reality, volkswagen.

If you wanted to check out the features on a prospective new car you used to have to hot foot it down to the dealer to kick the tires and get the full on sales pitch. Then you could see the brochure and luxuriate in it’s UV spot varnish finish. Then you had the interweb and eventually could configure your car exactly how you wanted it. Now with some tricksy technology you can see the car right before your eyes as if by magic.

This isn’t new, BMW probably being the best automotive example (through Dare I seem to remember) of augmented reality but VW doing it for the new Golf Match model show how it’s become mainstream and that AR is now a serious part of the marketing mix in order to make every experience as engaging as possible and no longer doing it because we could.

The user can tilt the road to make the car move faster or slower. A number of spots appear around the car highlighting the various features via pop up text panels detailing the cruise control, parking sensors and all other features of the car. This interactive feature enables prospects to have a closer to real life experience of the car in the digital space – so important when digital plays such an important role in the research and decision-making process in automotive. Nice work by the folks at Tribal DDB.

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