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frijj swamp soccerettes – mad, but good February 27, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in facebook, frijj, richard pittham, swamp soccerettes, syzygy, Uncategorized.

I’ve always thought drinking Frijj was like drinking gloopy, chocolatey mud. And now with their sponsorship of Soccer AM, they’ve created the Swamp Soccerettes. Girls, mud, football. Mad, but what’s not to like?  And a bit of augmented reality thrown in too.

The campaign comes alive in the Facebook space, so much more than the microsite which is essentially transaction of the on-pack code. A fine, muddy example of creating an experience that you can continually explore and get muddier as you go deeper into the campaign. And topical too with the Terry/Bridge content.

Here’s the proper version of what the campaign is all about on the Syzygy site. And big shout to me old mucker Richard who looks after this and other cool stuff at the unpronouncable and even harder to spell Syzygy.

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