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data, so hot right now February 12, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in activision, analytics, brand republic, data, digtial peer-to-peer exchange, icrossing, social media, social media roi, yes mail.

Yesterday I presented to Brand Republic’s Digital Peer-to-Peer Exchange on the role of analytics in social media and how it can drive actionable insight. Our awesome client from Activision, Mark Cox, let us share some of the work we’ve been doing this past year which by his own admission is bad ass.

Some really interesting presentations from Marcus Schmidt of YesMail and Doug Platts at iCrossing about how to socialise email (sharing, capturing email in social spaces) and the role of search in social respectively. If they get shared publicly I will try & remember to update this post with links. Doug out-trumped my use of Hansel from Zoolander by using an Ann Summers model. Next time it’s lingerie models all the way. I should explain why Hansel is in there; we all get so excited by the big shiny objects and the creative and stuff that we forget how important data is in marketing to inform actionable strategies. So Hansel is the new hot kid, so is data. Let’s bring the pointy heads to the level of adulation they deserve.

Some interesting conversation at the round tables too. Always a little unsure what will happen but everyone was very open about what they’re doing in the social space; particularly the barriers they are facing. I hope I was helpful.

Big thanks to Nick Owen who works with me to lead the Analytics team at the agency but also Mike Phillips and Tom Chapman who have helped us to develop the work on Activision to a point where the data is so hot right now.

As always, thoughts welcome. And feel free to re-purpose, use, whatever but be a good interweb citizen and give credit where it’s due.

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