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social commerce from sososher February 1, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in social commerce, social media, sososher.

We all know how important reviews are when it’s time to buy; indeed we take a peek at between 4 to 7 reviews before we part with our cash. This isn’t new but what is, is sososher & of course the opportunity to review products & purchases with a twist by allowing you to upload video/image of your purchase. Sososher also offers a unique way to shop online with friends letting you add shopping buddies, recommend purchases to your friends and earn cash back – a vital differentiator to monetise the offer for stickiness.

I do think the user experience leaves a lot to be desired though. Witness the big blue rollover panel at the top when first entering the site which reminds me of web 1.0 rather than a leading edge social commerce brand.

Be interesting to see what you all think considering some of the negative comments you’ve been leaving about a previous post on social shopping, My Fave Shop. The aesthetics of that site were far superior but judging by the comments the actual experience of doing business proved the old adage of all style, no substance. Perhaps Sososher is the other way around? Worth pointing out that I don’t work for either of these companies but I’m interested in sharing new ideas and ventures that further realise how digital and social is changing our world.

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1. Lauren Nash - February 1, 2010

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your post, my name is Lauren Nash and I’m the Marketing Manager at Sososher.com.
In our attempt to launch a website with a combination of concepts that have never been put on a single website “by that I mean all, just on one website”, we put our hands up and admit we got the design of Sososher completely wrong, and we fully admit that at the moment the website looks a bit – well very confusing. The good news is though that the new simplified design will be completed by Wednesday of this week. We will also be posting an Blog Article to our website entitled “We got it wrong, we got it very wrong” – which will highlight the perils of trying to add too much to a website and not keeping things simple. For a newly launched website we have been receiving a lot of feedback both good and bad, and the fantastic thing about bad feedback is that it can help you improve things significantly which we have done.

Again – thanks for the post and check us out on Wednesday

nicholas gill - February 5, 2010

Hi Lauren
Thanks for the input and for sharing the refresh design – much improved, I agree. Also admire your openness in sharing when things haven’t gone so well.

2. Lauren Nash - February 1, 2010

Just a quick update – the website is being worked on as we speak, so it now looks even more confusing than it did before. Again the final design will be completed by Wednesday.

3. video commerce - February 4, 2010

I think that sososher is a very unique way of looking at online shopping. It definitely looks effective. Can anyone give any personal experiences with this product? It would be greatly appreciated.

4. Lauren Nash - March 25, 2010

Hi Nicholas,

A quick update – The Blog Post that I mentioned can be found here http://www.sososher.com/_blog_/

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