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recruitment advertising is dead February 1, 2010

Posted by nicholas gill in employee engagement, employer branding, five by five people, recruitment, social media.

Opening blog post for Five by Five People – the artists formerly known as LawtonWare.

Recruitment advertising is dead

There, we said it. Deep breath, pause. Avoid bottles being thrown at us from many angles. No, we still believe it. Here’s why.

Social media is disrupting the way we do business; the traditional models don’t work anymore. Mass advertising is expensive, focussed on reach and diminishing returns. People are exposed to over three thousand ads per day that are neither personal or relevant or timely. We have developed natural filters that help us ignore this advertising noise to the point where the industry believes returns of 0.1% are standard. That’s 99.9% wastage. Technology has enhanced our ability to filter; browsers can be reconfigured to turn off ads, some 70% of PVR owners fast forward through ads and don’t watch programming at the time advertisers want us to. This notion of time-shifting is now a common practice.

And then we get to social media. Social media is about conversations. Not one-way push messages but meaningful engagements. It’s not a fad or just for the kids. It’s ingrained in our behaviour and culture; some two thirds of our time is now spent in a social or entertainment space. That’s why advertising needs to change. Advertising in social and entertainment spaces is even less relevant than in traditional spaces.

Relevant engagement is how brands connect with their audiences in this ever changing world.

You may at this stage be thinking that all of this is fine for those cool, consumer brands. Well heads up people, employer branding and recruitment is not immune. Especially when you consider:

–          75% of all employees expect to find their next job online

–          80% of UK employees are not engaged in their current job

–          40% of Generation Y would walk from their jobs if they banned social networks in the workplace.

Social is relevant across the entire employer brand spectrum: attraction, recruitment, assessment to on-boarding, retention, engagement and advocacy.

The strategic intent should be for organisations to be an authentic part of the social media community and engage appropriate conversations that deliver tangible direct and brand returns.

It’s time to engage.

It’s time for Five by Five People.

Explore the Five by Five People site for more.

Read a bit more on Ri5.

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