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your personal marketing mentor November 5, 2009

Posted by nicholas gill in brand utility, marketing mentor, marketing training, stop gap.

How I wish I had this when I was a young ‘un in the agency world. £5 a month for all the templates, briefings, inspiration across the myriad world of marketing you can devour. You’d be an idiot not to if you’re an AE, AM, SAM or even someone who wants a bit of a refresher or thinking of changing tack or even getting to grips with that new fangled world of the interweb. 5,000 pages of marketing content , over 150 templates and links a plenty from the Stop Gap Marketing Mentor.

Just think of it as two over-priced coffees a month to give your career more of a kick-start than the caffeine hit ever will.

The kind folks at Stop Gap (thank you, Rebecca) who are bringing this to you allowed me to have a play for a short time and suitably impressed by the volume and quality of the information. I learned stuff too which is always a good thing – you should never stop learning or being inquisitive in this business.

When some training courses out there are both over-priced and questionable, this is a brand utility tool that should be a must have for all aspiring ad people.

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1. yhona - November 6, 2009

confused… hehe…

2. Gareth Jones - November 6, 2009

Hi Nicholas

Many thanks for the positive feedback on the Stopgapmentor site. We try hard to add value beyond the recruitment service but its not easy these days. Im glad you like it and the team here are too – its great to get such positive comments.

Best regards


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