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thoughts from #creativeindustries webcast November 4, 2009

Posted by nicholas gill in #creativeindustries, digital horizons, innovation.

I watched and live tweeted my thoughts on the Digital Horizons: Commercialising Innovation webinar earlier this week. A lot of bullshit bingo, Rory Sutherland stole the show (and really could/should have just been him talking for 40 mins), the guy from Sony was interesting but the film guy was dull and the woman from Dragon’s Den spent most of her time pushing her own ventures and coming up with a bizarre reference to growing Camembert! Some nice soundbites which hopefully come out in the tweets below around convergence and opportunities. My esteemed colleague, Matt Burrough summed up the part about meta data well to me afterwards, “it seems meta data is important but they couldn’t really explain why.” Technically, the webcast was excellent and the real-time integration of comments & live tweeting added to the experience. You can see all tweets, watch the video again or check out the strategy.

  1. that’s all folks – get the strategy deck here http://www.innovateuk.org/c… #creativeindustries12:42 PM Nov 2nd
  2. please stop her plugging her start ups & more or rory #creativeindustries12:40 PM Nov 2nd

  3. “can you see how the camembert grows?” WTF?? #creativeindustries12:39 PM Nov 2nd

  4. so the film industry has taken no learnings from the music industry? (another bingo – inter-operability) #creativeindustries12:37 PM Nov 2nd

  5. when you re-assemble content, do you do it covertly or overtly depending on who’s doing it and who audience is #creativeindustries12:34 PM Nov 2nd

  6. sacrifice time for telly, sacrifice privacy for online ads #creativeindustries12:32 PM Nov 2nd

  7. the extent to which brand reputation is formed horizontally is increasing #creativeindustries12:31 PM Nov 2nd

  8. more bingo – “iphone app” #creativeindustries12:29 PM Nov 2nd

  9. discovery process is fraught & infinite data increases anxiety. that’s why sharing & access points are so key #creativeindustries12:27 PM Nov 2nd

  10. is she just plugging all her start ups she’s involved in? #creativeindustries12:25 PM Nov 2nd

  11. not entirely sure agree with advertising consumption goes up in sky+ hholds. research i’ve seen shows 70% ffwd thru ads #creativeindustries12:22 PM Nov 2nd

  12. oh no, rory silenced to discuss meta data. the other 3 better try harder #creativeindustries12:21 PM Nov 2nd

  13. before television there was drunken-ness. now you can do both. hehe #creativeindustries12:18 PM Nov 2nd

  14. coherence becomes more difficult with the more platforms you use #creativeindustries12:16 PM Nov 2nd

  15. rory genius on now: consumption of events: live and simultaneous (e.g. internet betting & TV) – totally under-exploited #creativeindustries12:16 PM Nov 2nd

  16. was that a shameless plug rather than an example? #creativeindustries12:14 PM Nov 2nd

  17. will become different to separate games & films in 10 yrs due to immersion & story telling. I think sooner #creativeindustries12:13 PM Nov 2nd

  18. immersive experiences, transmedia, convergence – lots of bingo points available here #creativeindustries12:10 PM Nov 2nd

  19. consumers don’t want to know about the technology but they want the technology to work so experience is seamless #creativeindustries12:09 PM Nov 2nd

  20. music’s always been converged – oppty is about interaction, eg GTA in-game interaction #creativeindustries12:07 PM Nov 2nd

  21. #creativeindustries strategy webcast – here’s the strategy http://www.innovateuk.org/c…

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