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[podcast] tomas nihlen, urban lifestyle report December 4, 2008

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In this latest episode, I talk to Tomas Nihlen, editor in chief of Urban Lifestyle Report about the role of social media and the recent blogger uprisings against what has become known as the Wiretapping Sweden law. Tomas also discusses his digital life and what the future may hold. Eager listeners should look out for a special discount opportunity against the subscription fee for Urban Lifestyle Report.

You can listen to the podcast here. You’ll also be able to download it, subscribe via iTunes and all that plus download the transcript if you’d rather read than listen.

Here’s some nuggets:

On the role of social media in the Swedish blogger uprising:

I think there’s several different types of social media tools that were used and the most important was the blogosphere. And in the blogosphere it wasn’t like one organisation that decided to start and organise this resistance it was many different people. But then there was also a few videos spreading on You Tube. Then Jaiku was also used… It was a way for the early adopters so you can get who’s going to what demonstration, what’s happening in the blogosphere, you could always follow the discussion from the blogosphere on Jaiku.

On the iPhone and Google Android:

I think they aim at different targets. I think iPhone is more for the mainstream consumer; people who want nice looking phones, everything to just work and they don’t care if it’s open source or not. They may not even know what open source is. And the Google phone is more for really tech-savvy people, they want to have exactly the type of applications they want, they want to have total control and they want to be able to tweak the best out of their phones. So I think there’s a market for both.

As usual, I’ve run the content through Wordle and it looks like this:


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8. MO123 - May 29, 2011

Interesting read-Thanks for posting

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