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interviewed by love digital – future of search November 3, 2008

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After kicking off a podcast series, the tables were turned and I became the interviewee for David Campbell’s podcast series, Love Digital Out Loud. David works for Australian agency, Love Digital.

You can listen to the entire podcast here or using the enhanced presentation SlideShare below:

Some nuggets:

On mobile search:

You look at things like the iPhone which is changing the mobile sphere apace and we might yet, finally see the year of mobile that everyone has been predicting for the past five years or so. That tied up with Google Android where the ability to search by your mobile is now so easy because the graphical interface is there, the speed is there. Absolutely the investment in search will continue but it will diversify into the different areas and particularly into mobile.

On social search:

…the power of social search is … you can get recommendations from your friends, you can see where they’ve been, you can see what they’ve written about, you get their user view. So, again it’s a more personal sphere as opposed to going to a content aggregation site or an editorial site which will promote what their beliefs are. What you want is to search what your friends’ experienced and therefore more likely to appeal to you as an individual. So, again it’s this whole changing face of search from the very passive, put in a term and get a list of results to things that become much more meaningful, much more resonant to you as an individual and ultimately more actionable.

And here’s what just my section looks like on Wordle.

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