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books to read by the pool – 2008 edition August 14, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in books.

It already seems like an age since Family Gill decamped to Orlando for 2 weeks of wholesome American vacation fun. (I still need to write up my thoughts/review/ramblings). But finally here’s the book review of what I read on hols.

Bourne Ultimatum

I’d seen all the films so decided to read all the books. Thoroughly enjoyed the Bourne Identity and still as fresh today as it probably was back then with the ingenious amnesiac plot. This prompted me to pop a slug of Ludlum books on my Christmas wish list which Santa duly delivered. I then waded through the Bourne Supremacy which was ok, a bit so-so, drifted for half of the book until he went back into mad Bourne mode and took out most of China and Hong Kong. And then the Ultimatum. This is where the traditional view that the cinema ruins great books is flipped. The film version is incredibly good. The book I found quite tedious. I gamely plodded on getting mildly excited at the carnage in the Caribbean but really didn’t enjoy it. Whereas I’ve now watched the film version of the Ultimatum several times and was fortunate that on my recent long haul flights it was the film of choice so felt quite sated. I now have a number of Ludlum novels to read. And I’m unsure which way they’ll go.


I believe this was hyped on similar lines to Trainspotting and followed the real life trials and tribulations of Middlesbrough youth. I liked the split narrative across different characters giving you different perspectives on events. It’s under-age drinking, drunken groping and unprotected sex against the backdrop of a  gloomy of life oop North and is more than a bit predictable. Basically it’s a love story between Adam and Eve who never quite get it together and she spends her evenings getting lashed and pilled up and humping anyone she can. I didn’t enjoy it. I read it in one afternoon sat on the beach at Marco Island supping pina colada’s which was much more enjoyable.

That’s Me In The Corner

When I eat my food I tend to leave the best for last. Get through the veg, then the mash and then leave the meat and gravy. Mmm. I’d tried to start reading this before but it always remained in my bag on the train while the blackberry rammed my attention. But from the first page I was so pleased I finally got to read it and salvage my holiday reading. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much when reading a book with Andrew Collins regaling tales of his wide and varied experiences of work. My personal highlight being the turd in the box he received from the Levellers for a poor review of their album. I’ve often wanted to send a turd in a box. I think I’ll leave the summation of this book to my colleague and resident DJ in planning HQ, Mr Nicholas G Owen:

A light-hearted romp through the world of media as seen through the eyes of a deletante from Northampton who sashays through 17 jobs in 17 years.

You can get more Andrew Collins here.



1. grot - August 15, 2008

This is somthing I have been looking for a long time. Thanks!!!

2. Fried Brain - August 16, 2008

Thanks for the links

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