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myfaveshop.com – a fusion of social networking and online shopping August 7, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in myfaveshop.com, shopping, social networks, web 2.0, website.

I was recently approached by the people behind myfaveshop.com – a new online shopping site. But rather than clone what’s out there already, myfaveshop taps into the insight that online shopping is a functional, solitary pursuit and are trying to make it a much more social pursuit: think Facebook social networking, commenting and all that gubbins flavoured with the best shopping sites such as Net-A-Porter and ASOS.

Users can create their own dream virtual shop filled with the brands and products they love, get shopping ideas from other users by looking at other virtual shops, check out celebrity ‘wish lists’ and top tips, and look at product reviews left by other shoppers before they decide to buy.

I liked the fresh layout, the high impact graphics, and particularly the ability to get a Firefox toolbar so I can add brands I like on the fly – not unlike the life-changing de.licio.us Firefox extension meaning I don’t have to keep flitting back and for the across the interweb.

I got a little confused when setting up my own shop as there seemed to be a paucity of brands but then accessing the full brands list revealed more brands that seemed to be a little hidden. I was worried that unless I wanted to dress myself in JohnSmedley and Vivienne Westwood I may not need this site. But it’s not just fashion brands either: Molton Brown, Elemis, Mr & Mrs Smith, Heal’s, Smeg, Dyson, Orange, Xbox, and Olympus to name but a few are there.

The shop has a 3D interface and some funky graphics which make it feel premium and boutique and quite different to what’s out there. And differentiation is going to be important with 20% of all retail purchases soon to be undertaken online by 2010 (source: IMRG). You also get: personal profiles and messaging; comment functionality and reviews; customisable personal shopping directories; brand, friend and product search functionality; the latest news from favoured brands; the best shop highlights, celebrity ‘wish lists’ and top tips.

But, seeing as I’m not a massive fashionista, I thought I’d ask some colleagues. Here’s what Katie, Kate and Carrie had to say:

Could do with being clearer on the home page exactly what the site is about and what the benefits are of using it – for me, I have a clear repertoire of websites that I use for internet shopping and each are clearly defined and branded websites that I love and visit because of the value-add, so I don’t really see how this concept would benefit me. Seems to be a weird hybrid between a social networking website and a portal – it jars with me a little bit because when I shop online it is very transactional, I have a clear product in mind that I need to purchase and visit a relevant site to carry out the transaction – the inspiration side comes before, usually from offline publications or more specific websites specifically tailored to the product I’m researching… this seems to be for people who just fancy spending some money on stuff – there is perhaps too broad a range of brands and products, could do with being segmented more clearly.

It looks fab if you are the sort of person with a high disposable income and a lot of time on their hands – maybe an AB possibly C1 stay-at-home mother who doesn’t do the FB thing? TBH I just can’t be arsed to join another social networking site AND spend time on it! But looks really, really good if I had more time and money. I am not sure if it is possible, but would be excellent if you could set up birthday/wedding lists on it, so that people can browse and order stuff for you, like a wish list.

It’s a bit dull in the colour department. Looks like the Vodafone site. Look at stylehive – they do a similar thing with more charisma.

So, not entirely positive from my colleagues but I liked it and will see how I get on with it in the coming months, especially if they do baby stuff. What do you think?



1. alanbbc - August 12, 2008

Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

2. Alex - March 4, 2009

Useless site – don’t see the purpose. 3D feature – what’s the value in that? – I’ve just tried – pure gimmick.
I create my shop add products, and then what ?
Why not go straight to my favourite shop from my bookmark and buy what I want?

3. Peter Joseph - April 16, 2009

Full of merchants you’ve never heard of, who have been ripped off to the tune of thousands £s for little or no return the way of sales.

Doors - July 15, 2009

yes, be very careful. Rude and pushy sales staff who say anything to sign up unsuspecting merchants and retailers who will most likely never see a return on their huge investment (in the £ thousands!)

4. Unhappy Supplier - September 4, 2009

Yep Myfaveshop are a complete rip-off and waste of time.
I signed up with them and they kept so much information from me when doing the sales spiel, for instance they don’t accept Worldpay as a payment provider!!
I use Worldpay on my site, and was only told they dont accept Worldpay after I had paid my deposit!!!
When I tried to get my money back they said no!

Also I have had ZERO sales so far. I even asked if I could have a refund if I am not happy with the service to to which they replied “I assure you, you will definitely be happy with the service”

Complete BS, total cowboys if you ask me!!!

If you are a merchant, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Rich - September 17, 2009

Hi, been approached myself, what products do you sell and what cost did they quote you? how many products did you place on there and is it an easy procedure?
Many thanks your help would be appreciated.

Unhappy Merchant - September 22, 2009


We sell car gifts and accessories. When they approached me they impressed me by saying they work with Autotrader etc so that immediately got my attention.
However still have not had ONE SINGLE SALE from them.

Also the back end system is not user friendly, when you add a product, if you make a mistake, you cannot delete it, you have to email them to ask for it to be removed.
The images section is useless, the main image you uplaod is not what is displayed on thumbnail.

I paid almost £500 but I also have to pay 5% commission on each sale. If it is more products it goes up to £1000 set up fee

nicholas gill - September 28, 2009

I only reviewed the site from a marketing perspective. I’m not a merchant so I can’t really help there.

5. Jonathan Painter - October 21, 2009

I signed up a while ago, drawn in by the sales talk, and willing to increase my sales in a differnet way from the usual. However, after signing up, was told that i had to upgrade to Paypal Pro, which i was unable to do as my Ltd. company was under a year old. Wrote to them – no reply. Emailed them, and told under no circumstances was i going to be able to cancel the contract. What a shower. i also know a company who is on there and sales are appalling! I was virtually guaranteed to more than double my sales, but as i have no intention of doing it now, i guess we will never know. If my colleagues are anything to go buy, then it is all a load of b/s!

Steer well clear and increas adwords – it worked for me!

6. Andrew Colman - November 21, 2009

I tried to buy a staple-less stapler from Shoppingbank.com. The supplier was supposed to be Myfaveshop. Delivery was promised within a few days, but nothing appeared for weeks, and when I enquired, Shoppingbank told me that Myfaveshop would be in touch with me. Several more weeks and numerous enquiries later, Myfaveshop eventually told me that they could not obtain the stapler. By then, the bithday for which it was to be a present had long past. It’s a very poorly managed business, and I shaln’t do business with them again.

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