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social media mistakes June 23, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in ad age, blog, brand, brand experience, content, digital advertising, headstream, joseph jaffe, social networks, web 2.0.

joseph jaffe ad age

AdAge have compiled the best bits from Joseph Jaffe’s recent presentation at the Association of National Advertisers’ Integrated Marketing Conference. Some great examples here, some of which are new to me, some of which have passed into folklore. I like the way Jaffe has also categorised the mistakes: faking, manipulating, controlling, dominating and avoiding. There’s also a neat analogy at the end about how most campaigns are like a firework display. A bit of whizz bang and ooh and then it disappears. Goes dark. What happens next? That’s our job.

While we’re talking social media examples, here’s a deck I pulled together for our online PR agency, headstream about the importance of online PR. Included toward the back are some examples of shockers (inc. Sony PSPS a la Jaffe above) and also some good ones including an antidote to the Starbucks slam in the video above.



1. Joseph Jaffe - June 23, 2008

Great post and deck. Thanks for the nod

2. sbroox - June 26, 2008

I like your slide show. There are a lot of parallels to things on my blog over at barmarbybroox.wordpress.com. Particularly the slide with the big 3000 on it, which I also use in a slide show – it is on this page http://barmarbybroox.wordpress.com/2008/05/07/interruption-vs-permission/, but with the big “3000” removed. And your slide 15 is very much what I’m talking about in this post: http://barmarbybroox.wordpress.com/2008/05/23/logos-in-your-face/

BTW, I found your blog, which I like, using WordPress’s Tag Surfer feature.

3. nicholas gill - July 11, 2008

Stephen & Joseph

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post & apologies for my tardiness in repsonding – life’s been a bit hectic of late hence the drop in post rate!

@Stephen: Thanks for the links back to your posts. Really interesting. Have added your blog to my reader.

@Joseph: Thanks for continuing to inspire me. Say hi to Greg Verdino for me.

4. D.S. - October 20, 2008

Jaffe has made a few mistakes of his own, no? (Disastrous Second Life launch, Nikon fiasco … Donaton’s piece and the subsequent social media beatdown). I hope he learned from it …
Keep the bluurb coming!

5. nicholas gill - November 7, 2008

@ Dave the Rave

Thanks for joining in the conversation. That’s what I love about digital these days. For every side of the conversation there’s another side, another eprspective. Has Jaffe commented on your critique of him?

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