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something i’ve not done for years May 20, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in digital photography, disposable camera, iPhoto, photography.

underwater fun

When we were on holiday in sunny Florida, we spent a fab day at Discovery Cove swimming with dolphins (more on this soon, I promise) and generally larking about in the water all day with masks and snorkels. And we bought a $16 underwater disposable camera so we could capture our Jacques Cousteau moments.

Fairly unremarkable except when I realised this: I hadn’t taken a picture and not seen the result immediately on the preview screen on a digital camera or mobile phone in nearly 4 years. The last time I had a disposable camera developed was at our wedding where we had one on every table to capture what our guests wanted to alongside the official ones and my reportage shots of the day. 4 years! That’s a long time to not have to trek to a film developing store (I had to ask where the nearest one to work was). I paid my money for the films and of course for a CD so I could upload it to iPhoto.

It felt odd pressing the button and turning the dial to wind the film on. How antiquated in these new fangled times. And would they turn out fine or a bag o’ cack like the good old days when the pictures came back with advisory labels on basically telling you that you were a photography retard?

In the end they came out pretty decent. Apart from a few of basically nothing or a close up of an arm, they were ok. And I actually enjoyed the sensation of ripping open the pack and looking through the pictures rather than running a slide show on iPhoto.

Although I won’t be rushing back to film anytime soon, I think I will print out more pictures.

Pic is of me & my niece, Maddy.



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