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stuff and things 13.05.08 May 13, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in audio sushi, casual luxury, lascivious, lingerie, web 2.0, web 3.0.


Is web 3.0 really just skynet in the making? Reading this excerpt from Andrew Walmsley’s column in Marketing, you might think so:

If machines could understand the information we put on the web, they could share knowledge with each other, and make conclusions and recommendations based on the information they find.

The next step is deciding to nuke the human race. He does go on to give a less scary vision of the future though:

Websites would understand that the weather forecast in Barcelona is for rain on the date on which we have just booked a flight, recommending clothes we can buy, while events in the city on those dates could be presented and selections loaded automatically into our calendar and accounting software.

Audio sushi – personalised soundtracks tailored to your taste, mood or occassion.

Naughty kecks and get your illustration on a new set of playing cards with Lascivious.

A casual luxury hotel from Hyatt in London. What’s casual luxury? Swap check-in desks for a free bar, pre-loaded iPods and comedy and literary evenings. Hmmm.

Source for non-Terminator content: Toni & Guy Spring 2008 magazine.



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