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online advertising heat maps May 8, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in Uncategorized.

click map

After being invited to collaborate on the Interact Congress blog, I finally got to write my first post. You can link to it here or it’s repeated below. Let me know what you think.

Here’s an interesting new way to look at consumer engagement with your online advertising: clickmaps from FlashTalking.

Clickmaps are essentially a heat-map showing where consumers interact with your ad above and beyond regular click tag reporting. As regular readers of my blog will know, I’m a sucker for cool visualisations and relate more to pictures than stats.

The creative and strategic implication being that it helps us to garner better understanding of what drives consumer engagement. Or in regular parlance, draws the eye.

Here’s some examples. To make it work, use the fade option – fade out the map, watch or interact with the ad, finally fade the clickmap up again for the interaction view/heat map.

Sony Playstation – the Call To Action buttons seem to be getting the most of the action.

Virgin Mobile – clearly the opportunity to wax the guy and then wax him him more at the end wins out. Poor bugger.

Social networks – see the social media options, especially share trailer being high points of engagement.

I certainly know some peers and clients who would also appreciate this more visual representation of data than having to wade through reams of stats to the point where they’re pushing pins in their eyes for blessed relief. You get what’s working in an instant.

Be interested to know what you think.



1. Al - May 8, 2008

Whilst I understand the reasoning and potential insight such click maps can provide, their overall benefit is somewhat pointless to me. In my experience such insight would only be useful if the insight garnered is repeated in further creative, unfortunately this is often not the case as using such information would be secondary to the creative produced. Regardless as to whether something is proven to work better, if it doesn’t fit into the creative vision it wouldn’t be used.

2. Ewarwoowar - May 8, 2008

I like it. Would like it even more if the clickmap changed over time. It’s all well and good knowing where the ultimate clicks are, but far more insightful to know the when as well.

3. nicholas gill - May 8, 2008

Get back from a day of meetings to 2 reponses to my post. Treat.

Thanks Al but I would hope that the learnings would be incorporated into future iterations of campaigns otherwise the whole ethos of “test and learn” that got beaten into a generation of us agency folk would have gone out the window & we’d just be repeating errors over and over without improving.

Cracking point, Brother Emmel. Especially the precise moment when a user clicks on the virgin wax man’s cock no?

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