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stuff and things 28.03.08 March 28, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in america, citrus, modernista, mother, postsecret, publicis, sub prime.

four feet from a rat front cover

Some stuff about different agencies:

Mother have let the creatives loose and released a comic called Four Feet From a Rat. Source: AdRants.

Modernista have a siteless site using web 2.0 to it’s full potential. More explanation here.

Citrus have a funny new business agency firing site. Source: adweek

Agency re-positioning waring following this reaction to Publicis Worldwide’s recent effort. Perhaps they should have just stopped at “Contagious Ideas”. But they didn’t. The press release is summed up as:

Right now what we’re wondering is, is it prerequisite to learn how to talk like a transcendental coke addict before an agency promotes you to exec status? As it was, David Ogilvy was iffy about using the word “creative” — he’d have a conniption fit if he had to sit through this “contagious ideas” and “lionhearted spirit” crap. Here’s a contagious idea: what if we just focus on selling stuff and staying real?

Stepping away from agency land, is America the land of the free?

And just for fun, found this on PostSecret




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