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a round up of sci-fi stuff March 20, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in flash gordon, mash up, sci fi, star wars, terminator.

terminator cameron

I’m liking Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Especially Cameron the friendly Terminator – “I’m a bitch whore”. After the dreadfulness of T3, nice to see a return to form even without Arnie. Some good community content on that site too to extend the experience.

flash gordon

However, Flash Gordon on Sci Fi is just shit. I even deleted it from the Sky+ planner after one episode it was that bad. Can’t beat the 80’s film I’m afraid. Ming is meant to be scary – not look like a school teacher!

stormtrooper idiot

2008 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge – submit your Star Wars mash up, parody or fan fiction here.

And a few weekends ago I was trying to rescue my nephews from their belief that Return of the Jedi was the best episode in the Star Wars saga. I did my best to educate them that of course The Empire Strikes Back is the finest episode. Everyone knows that, surely. And then made them watch it. They’ll learn. Here’s Aidan with his Darth Vader Tie Fighter.

darth vader


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