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say hello, wave goodbye March 10, 2008

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They say change is good and everything is changing for me right now so it’d better be good. Having a child is a momentous occasion in itself and made me realise that I want to work closer to home but still have an exciting, challenging career. So for the first time in about 12 or so years I won’t be getting on the commuter express anymore and travelling into London town.

I will be starting at Lawton Communications Group in Southampton today. Don’t be mistaken that this is swapping bright lights, big city for afternoons by the Solent supping G&T or watching tractors go by. No chance. Lawton are a thriving business doing some incredibly creative and exciting digital work packed with some serious artisans and professionals. And I hope to bring my alleged talents to the mix in the planning team at Lawton as well as further learning my craft from and being inspired by those around me. Sitting in a centralised planning hub means I will get to work across a number of the group businesses including FivebyFive digital providing variety and constant challenge. I was sad to say cheerio to the people I got to know at Ogilvy and the clients I worked with, especially after such a short time, but this is the right choice for me, right now and gives me great opportunities both at work and at home.

I’m also still amazed and impressed by the way we found each other last year. They had been doing some web research for some presentations and came across my ramblings on these very pages. And liking what they saw and seeing I was available having left Modem/Digitas, got in touch speculatively. How cool is that? I got my new job because of my blathering in the blogosphere. And my new boss, like my old one (good luck @ Iris, John), has a blog too. I also love the phrase they use on their site which sums up the passion of the people I will be working with: we love the smell of digital in the morning. I can’t wait.

smell of digital

As an aside: in a slight departure from some Bowie-inspired ones, this headline taken from Soft Cell lyrics which is far better when Marc Almond sings it with Jools Holland and his rythm & blues orchestra.



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