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stuff and things 29.02.08 February 29, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in active branding, advertising, blog, brand experience, ewarwoowar, fring, google ad sense, information architecture, lene, mobile, ogilvy, social media, web 2.0.

bands and brands

How do you get to the kidz these days? Well, music is one way. And these chaps seem pretty good at it. But the user experience of this part of the site is phucking (see, down wid da kidz) dreadful. Not book at all. Scale? Pan the page around? Zoom in/out? Phuck me. How about a PDF download for those of us who can’t be arsed to spend our days working out your funky, new-fangled interface?

I find this amusing

Post from New Tee Vee on Google launching ad sense for video

f word bill

Never moan again in a restaurant or face getting a few F words on your bill

“Grab ’em by the balls and their hearts and minds will surely follow.”

Quote from BBC series, Life on Mars. Just thought you might like it.

Hurty brain blog. Emmel was keen to point out the very good Carslberg activity. I like the whole blog. And I was going to share the Diamond Shreddies focus group separately but now you might as well look at it on that blog. Hilarious how people will believe any old crap.


Are your boobs OK? Norweigian “pop star” Lene’s are. She even sings about them and has managed to top the Norwegian chart with this little ditty.

fring logo

I found the above while finding out about a competition for fring, a new mobile service being promoted by Ogilvy PR that lets you communicate with your fringsters for free.



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