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ooof February 25, 2008

Posted by nicholas gill in broken leg, football, user generated content, you tube.

Ordinarily I try not to blog about football but… I couldn’t help it. I know it’s a bit macabre but I wanted to see the pictures and because we missed the actual match on Sky, went channel hopping to try and find footage of it. Nope, none of it. Just the tackle from the main camera but no slo-mo this time. Even Gary Lineker gave a sorrowful look to the camera as he was about to unveil the footage but no, just a still of the Brum lad’s studs on the Brazilian-Croat’s shin. And then I saw it the next day in the Sunday papers. Ouch. But a grim fascination for how the human body breaks. A bit like Phil Bust (sp?) of Coventry many moons ago when Peter Schmeichel almost vommed behind the goalmouth. Amazing that the You Tube video above has already generated +2m views. In sympathy or fascination?

Also pleased that Spurs won the cup. Frankly I would have cheered on anyone against Chelsea who were/are so dull I’m hoping Abramovich gets bored and takes his roubles away to a team who can play football. And as for Drogba’s theatrics for the free-kick that he ultimately scored from. An absolute disgrace. I was hoping that Glenn Hoddle and Jamie Redknapp would call him out for his diving but sadly “he made it onto a foul” and “that’s Drogba for you.” Pah. Book him after the event. £100k a week for flouncing around. Pathetic. Here’s a spoof (or is it?) of his antics:



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