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stuff and things 21.12.07 December 21, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in advertising, coffee, iformation architecture, physics, presentations, religion, star wars, TV, web 2.0, website, you tube.


A sackful of stuff and things today as will be away for Christmas.

God bless your brand (thanks to Bo Hellberg)

Fancy attending a Jedi bootcamp? These people exist.

Star in a soap by uploading your photo to check if you’re hot or not. (source: popbitch)

Get fed up with those inane, circular questions about having content above the fold? Use this as ammo to wipe the floor with ’em. And this as a fabulous creative example to put the knife in. (thanks to Karen Gwyer)

coffee bukkake

Fabulously weird story about coffee bukkake.

year of ideas

A year of ideas.

Physics get all web 2.0 and funky (thanks to Mel Ferguson)

Ever get stuck trying to find logos to dump into slides. Here’s a load. Free. (source: Drew’s Marketing Minute)

Not content with advertising Snickers, Mr . T turns his mohawk to World of Warcraft



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