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duran duran 2.0 2.0 November 13, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in active branding, apple, david bowie, duran duran, mash up, music, my space, web 2.0.

duran duran

Re-mix Duran Duran’s latest tune. Tie in with Apple Garage Band. Not got an apple? Er, never mind. You can still watch Simon Le Bon’s ever so creepy 12 second promo video on the site. Quite similar to some very good remixes that fans of David Bowie did last year or the year before. Interestingly Bowie was an inspiration to Le Bon & co in their music too as well as their promotional activity.

And listen to some of the tracks on My Space. Or on their official album site with streaming video featuring odd phrases like “this song is a tempo ballad”. Oxymoron? Actually I quite like the choons. Confession: I used to be a fan when I were a lad. Well, they were like ace: compared to those Spandau Ballet ponces. Although looking at this pic makes me feel wrong about the 80s in general.

duran duran 1980s



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