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stuff and things 04.11.07 November 4, 2007

Posted by nicholas gill in del.icio.us, facebook, innovation, open social, podcast, social media, social networks, thoughts.

johnny mnemonic

I’m always pleased when someone demystifies and explains some new stuff in a simple way. And, more importantly, helps me to make more of it to improve my productivity. After all, we’re all becoming information overload patients (I’m thinking Keanu Reeves in Johnny Mnemonic hence the visual above. What a great word btw.). I’m forever bookmarking, scribbling in my notebook, saving draft text messages of stuff I see out, and indeed adding content to my blog so that I might come back to it at a later time. I confess that although I know what delicious is (I can’t be arsed to place the dots btw), I haven’t converted to it. I have no explanation as to why as clearly it would help me find my shit a lot easier. As this post from Web Worker Daily tells me.

I found this on the Wordpess homepage & it makes me want to go find out more on OpenSocial which I found the more intriguing part of the post rather than the premise of the title. I even felt compelled to write a comment which used to be a rare event and is happening more and more to me. Am I finding my voice?

Although the Facebook gazillion dollar valuation is quite laughable, I agree totally that portability will be the future, not places. While Facebook is fun today and the opening up of it’s technology to create some good apps (branded or otherwise) has made its appeal more enduring, it’s still in effect another country to my work email, home email, Linked In, other contacts, other places etc. Being able to harmonise and transport that fluidly would be [insert appropriate superlative here.] Better go check out Open Social…

podcast icon

And more social stuff, here’s a link about a social media podcast. I’ve not listened yet so can’t/won’t comment but looks like there could be some good nuggets.



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