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blog action day+16 October 31, 2007

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While doing some much needed catching up on my feed reader this past week I discovered I had missed the boat on the blog action day on 15.10. Apparently on this day every blogger was meant to write about something to do with the environment. Well, I missed it. So here’s my thing 16 days late.

I walk when I can, we wash at 30 not 40 (except towels because otherwise that’s just gross), we shower not bath, I used the train on my commute to town (but have to drive to the station otherwise it would take me 3 weeks using public transport) and we recycle: bottles, paper, cardboard and even veg peelings which we give to either Jude’s brother or my mum for their composters. We buy fair trade. I do my bit. Skip back a couple of posts and you’ll see I even bought one got one tree.

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I also filled in this little quiz. I seem to be a sucker for them these days. My blog personality is below.

purist blogger


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